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Basic fire safety for care homes

Distance learning, e-learning and computer-based training can all describe online training. For busy workplaces and efficient businesses, online training is an essential tool. It is generally cheaper than classroom-based training and is incredibly engaging and effective. Thanks to its multimedia approach with various audio and visual elements, online training is now an essential form of training and one that your organisation should provide.

There are many reasons for training providers to offer online training, here are just some of the main advantages.

Three benefits of offering online training

  1. Increased course take-up

With demands of work pressures and home life, people rarely have the time to attend a classroom-based course. Distance learning can be done at convenience by the learner at a time to suit them at home or work. This flexibility of web-based training could see a higher course take-up. Without the cost of travel and expenses for courses, there may be more money in the training budget. Consequently, this means that companies may offer more of their employees a training opportunity.

  1. It’s the norm

According to the World Economic Forum, 78% of young people worldwide have taken an online course. People now seek out online training and a preferred method of choice. By offering online training, you meet the needs of your clients. Not only this, the market is still growing. Furthermore, offer e-learning, and you tap into a growing demand. In fact, studies show the market will continue to grow at 5% exceeding an expected $240 billion.

  1. Relevancy

Finally, online courses can be quickly updated to ensure accuracy. With increased accuracy, your courses will have better feedback from customers. Learners will not engage with material that is incorrect or dated. To improve training retention, which increases learner satisfaction as well as organisation success, you need to make sure your information is exceptional. As a result, thanks to the ease of adapting e-learning, you ensure your courses are the best they can possibly be.

Developing your online training

At VideoTile, we are here to help you create compelling and engaging content. Working with you, we can ensure your training hits the mark with learners and retains your brand message. If you want to develop web-based training, get in touch and find out how we can help.

Interactive Video-Based E-Learning Courses

VideoTile Learning create interactive video based e -learning courses for training professionals.

We offer a wide range of services, from constructing a completely bespoke course from your existing content to licensing from our extensive range of existing courses.  We can deliver the e-learning tool to help your business prosper.


We use specialist online video production methods allowing for extremely high quality, fast video download. The combination of the presenter, animations and the quiz style questions keeps the audience interested and stimulated.


Our in house created content and Learning Management Systems are constructed in such a way that that a set of questions are introduced after each module. Following successful completion of a course candidates will receive a system generated certificate. Training managers use our video training software to keep records and track employee progress through training materials.


Live pictures, animated graphics and the personality of the presenter form part of a very effective virtual learning environment.  Our Video e learning provides a completely new medium through which to deliver training online by embedding a live personality directly on the page. It immediately grabs interest and deliver aesthetic appeal that holds attention. The outcome is to increase user engagement and deliver a lasting positive impression.

Video e learning achieves better communication through the power of face-to-face eye contact that builds trust, triggers emotion and captures a memorable tone and style while communicating the essence of the learning content.

Contact us for more information about our Online Training services, for a free evaluation as to how our solutions will work for your business or to arrange a meeting at our office.

legionella online training

There are some medical conditions, diseases and health concerns which are such high risk that they have their own legislation. Legionnaires Disease is one such concern as the risks it poses can be devastating and it is within the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 that specific guidelines are laid down for the management of Legionella. This legislation was further updated in 2001 by the HSE. The changes in 2001, known as L8, state explicitly that companies and building owners are legally obliged to manage legionella.

Our legionella online training is for employers and staff. It gives them the knowledge to identify the danger of legionella and how to risk assess for the bacteria, as well as managing and controlling it. Our legionella management course is available through our network of distributors.

What is Legionella and Why should you Worry about it?

Legionella bacteria lives in natural water systems but usually it poses no threat in this environment. Legionella becomes a problem when it grows in purpose-built systems where water temperatures are kept high. Systems such as hot and cold water systems, spa pools and cooling towers can be high risk. If you are not aware and do not understand the risks legionella poses then it isn’t managed correctly then an outbreak of Legionnaires disease could be your fault.

Managing and risk assessing your workplace for legionella is essential to avoid the chance of an outbreak which can be devastating and can even be fatal.

VideoTile provide interactive video based training courses and our Legionella Online Training is no different. We offer a Legionella Management course which helps learners recognise and respond to risk sources of the bacteria. It also goes over implementation and management techniques to limit the risk of Legionnaires Disease as much as possible.

Our extensive range of video-based online training courses cover many areas of health and safety. They help businesses work safely, compliantly and within the law.