As specialists in video eLearning we obviously believe it’s a highly effective choice for employee training. However, there are plenty of reasons that back up our belief and show that video courses are one of the most effective training methods for the workplace. We work with training providers and educational institutes providing them with high quality video content and below is a closer look at our top five reasons for using video eLearning.

1.     Supports our natural preferences for learning

The first lessons we learn are in-person with our parents or teachers in front of us, showing us how things work and how to do things. We don’t pick up a book and read our way to an education. People learn best with interactive materials that can recreate this one-to-one experience. Video courses can recreate the classroom experience and add even more interactive features.

2.     Enhances the reputation of eLearning

eLearning has a bit of a reputation for being boring and simply clicking through slides and ticking boxes. Traditional, long-duration modules are no longer ideal for most learners and microlearning has become a lot more popular. Many of our courses are quite short and snappy, allowing learners to digest essential information quickly.

3.     Satisfy a range of learning styles

No two people learn in exactly the same way. As a visual medium video can satisfy as wide range of different learning styles. Voiceovers and presenters can appeal to auditory learners while text and image on screen can help those who prefer to read and digest.

4.     Cut cognitive load

Watching a video demonstration is much less energy intensive and stressful than reading a whole training manual and the same is the case for training. Watching can be quite a relaxed experience but learners still digest the information.

5.     Engages, entertains and motivates

Video holds attention easily and makes it easy to engage and can even be an entertaining and enjoyable experience for learners. High quality training materials make mandatory training less of a chore and you may find your customers are keen to consider more training courses as they’re going down so well.

Bespoke Video eLearning for your Business

Our range of video training courses is available for clients in many sectors. We have a wide range of courses in our catalogue. However, we can also create something bespoke and tailored for your business and clients. Just get in touch to find out more.

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