VideoTile Learning Management System

Learning Management System

VideoTile Learning have developed a Learning Management System (LMS) for training managers to keep records and track employee progress through online training materials and for you as our distribution partner to manage and fully monetize your online training business.

The system, delivered under your own brand and developed and refined over the last 10 years, has 2 interfaces, one for the distribution partner and another for the end user business.  Both accessible dashboards deliver a seamless learner journey.

Our robust LMS can manage any number of candidates, its mobile responsive, delivers extensive reports and if needed, can work side by side with your existing LMS via our open API.

The system includes all the features you would expect from a LMS and much more.

Features include reports on courses sold broken down into sales reports by customer. You can see who has passed, failed and re set exam attempts. This is also where all your marketing and course resources are stored and where you will administer credit accounts for customers, create discount codes and have the ability to give unlimited access to customers based on them paying you a monthly subscription.

The candidate facing areas are constructed in such a way that that a set of questions are introduced after each module. Following successful completion of a course candidates will receive a system generated certificate.

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LMS screen shots (click to view)

Home Page

The home page of our LMS includes a manual that serves as a handy reference for any queries and also an area highlighting any new features that have been recently added. Next a box showing any failed modules from candidates together with a statistics box listing all the courses currently available and a breakdown of course licence sales including total courses assigned to candidates broken down into months.


The candidate’s area is where users are added. It lists all different candidate accounts and Course licences can be assigned to a candidate from this area. Simply by entering the user’s first name, last name and email address in the form and clicking the checkbox for any courses you would like to assign to that user.


From the Business area you can create accounts for businesses allowing your clients to manage multiple course licenses from an admin panel and create candidate accounts for their staff. Creating accounts simply requires the details for the business and the relevant number of course licenses. Once an account has been created, the name will appear in the ‘Business Accounts Overview’ list at the bottom of the page for easy access.

Credit Accounts

Assign large quantities of generic credit to your customers. This will give your customers the opportunity to predict how much training they will need in the future and purchase this from you upfront. In return you could reward them with lower prices and a more flexible solution giving them unlimited access to your full suite of courses while they are in credit with you. They don’t need to know what courses they need or when they will need it, the credit is generic so can be used against any course and what’s more it never expires.

Unlimited Usage Subscriptions

Subscription accounts allow end user customers unlimited use of your online training courses based on them paying you a monthly fee. The amount they pay is determined by how many employees they have.

For the end user customer, it makes budgeting much easier and gives them piece of mind. Knowing that all their training needs are covered with just one fixed monthly payment.

For you as the distributor. Its great business. helping you build a retained customer base, enhancing cash flow and helping you forecast for the future.


This section contains useful instructions and downloadable content, such as PDF user manuals, sample certificates, course overview documents and course approval information.

The guides box includes various useful manuals that you can download that explains how to use the systems and gives advice on how to market the courses.

Here you will also find information on how to set up the online shop on your website.

Fully mobile compatible

Unlimited usage & bulk credit

API: Use your own LMS

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