Training providers need to give their customers a high-level of service and move with the times. Providing up to date, engaging and high-quality training materials is essential for business success. VideoTile can help with that. Our range of online learning bespoke courses is continually updated and developed to support our clients and their training organisations. We also recognise the individual needs of our training provider clients. We believe our catalogue of video course material can add real value to your business.

What are online learning bespoke courses?

We design all of our bespoke courses with your business in mind. We have a huge catalogue of interactive, online courses. However, we also produce a range of specialist bespoke e-learning courses for individual organisations. Our bespoke courses focus on your individual requirements for your business. We can design design each course to fit with your existing infrastructure. They are also unique to your business. Furthermore, no other organisation will have the exact same courses presented in the same way. We understand just how important it is to create engaging materials to keep your clients’ learners interested and signing up for more.

Are our bespoke courses right for your business?

Any business can benefit from opting for bespoke courses designed for their business. Here are some of our top reasons to consider this option:

  1. Unique content – when they come to your training business, your clients will be able to access 100% unique course materials unlike those available from any other provider. They will be only available from your business. Therefore you have an added layer of exclusivity that appeals to many clients. We can ensure incorporate personalised elements such as video content from your key experts and individuals  into training materials with ease.
  2. Improved results – the interactive nature of VideoTile courses makes them popular with learners. The way we structure our questions and design our content has the end-user in mind. We also ensure everything is engaging and tests their knowledge appropriately.
  3. Wider course availability – we have many ready-to-go courses that can be tweaked and adapted to make them bespoke for your business. As new legislation and information is released, your course materials will need updating too, and this is something we can do easily.

Bespoke Course Programmes

Our bespoke courses are ideal for public sector organisations, educational establishments, and large businesses. We can also work with your existing training content or help develop new videos using our network of academics, experts and consultants.

We can also provide additional support for your programmes including hosting it on your behalf and our Learning Management System that is user-friendly and easy to integrate with many existing systems.

To find out more about our bespoke options and put together a package for your business, contact us now.