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Legionella Training


Legionella bacteria can cause serious harm to an individual’s health if it is not adequately controlled and prevented. It is a requirement that water systems are carefully managed in order to reduce the risk of Legionnaires disease. Any premises with a humanmade water system should have a Legionella risk management programme in place, and within this, there should be training on how to best reduce the risk of Legionella.


Why Should You Offer Legionella Training?

Legionella training is a mandatory and essential part of any organisation’s Legionella risk management programme. As a training provider, being able to offer Legionella training to your clients is a crucial asset. This is because many of your clients will have obligations surrounding Legionella.

It is not a legal requirement for companies that may expose other people to Legionella to undergo training. However,  it is a requirement that they can prove their understanding of their legal responsibilities. Having employees complete Legionella training is an easy and hassle-free way for your clients to demonstrate that they have an appropriate level of knowledge to reduce the risk of Legionnaires disease.


Who Is Legionella Training For?

This kind of training course is for anyone responsible for premises. This can include employers, employees, self-employed, landlords and letting agents. Landlords have an obligation to their tenants to be aware of all of the dangers of Legionella. As well as to undergo a risk assessment. Anyone who conducts a Legionella risk assessment or performs regular checks on water systems or cleans and treats water systems should complete Legionella training.


What Is Legionella Training?

Our Legionella Training is an interactive video-style course.  It suits the needs of all employers and staff. The training covers how to identify the dangers of Legionella. Furthermore, it also covers how to identify and assess various sources of risk from Legionella. Consequently, it also includes how to implement and manage a Legionella risk management programme for any premises.


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Asbestos Training

Every single year, thousands of individuals fall ill, and many pass away because of exposure to asbestos. It is likely to be the most dangerous building material that has ever been used and was used widely within construction until 2000. Although it is no longer in use today, it still remains in many older buildings and poses a real threat to the health and safety of many workers across many industries.


What Is Asbestos Training?

Asbestos Training will teach your clients how to safely handle the presence of asbestos on a construction or maintenance site. Whether your clients are responsible for removing asbestos or regularly working in areas where asbestos may be, then asbestos training can teach them and their employees how to work around and avoid the dangerous substance safely.


Who Is Asbestos Training For?

Any employee, employer or self-employed person who could come across asbestos in the workplace, or actively handles asbestos at work, is required to undergo asbestos training. There are various types of asbestos training available. Consequently, the correct one depends on the situation and role the employee is completing. Asbestos Awareness courses will equip trainees with the knowledge they need to avoid asbestos in the workplace. Professions who require this type of training for include:

  • General maintenance workers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Joiners
  • Plasterers
  • Painters and Decorators
  • Construction workers
  • Shopfitters
  • Gasfitters
  • Roofers
  • Architects
  • Building surveyors

Why Offer Asbestos Training?

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 applies to various people and businesses. Regulation 10 of this legislation states that all employers must ensure that adequate training, information and instruction is given to anyone who may suffer exposure to asbestos in the workplace. As a training provider, it is likely that many of your clients will be legally required to offer their employees some form of asbestos training.


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First Aid Online Training Course

When it comes to workplace training, First Aid is one of the most important courses you can offer your clients. Not only is it vital for preventing illness and injury at work, but it is also a legal requirement for every business. As a training provider, you should be able to offer your customers courses that meet all their first aid training needs, including Emergency First Aid and annual refresher courses.


What Is First Aid Training?

First Aid training will give staff members the confidence and knowledge to appropriately deal with any incident that could occur. An Emergency First Aid training course will highlight the most common situations that could happen in any type of workplace. The training will cover what actions can help. These courses cover everything from how to handle a minor injury right up to assessing an accident scene. It covers the ability to pass accurate information to emergency services.


Who Is First Aid Training For?

No matter what industry they operate within, or the number of employees they have, every business will need to have first aid training of some kind. Employees that work in both high-hazard and low-hazard environments are at risk of injury in one form or another. As a result, every workplace should have at least one first aider. This person should be fully trained to handle these situations.


Why Offer Your Clients First Aid Training?

All of your clients will be required to offer their employees some form of first aid training. It is a legal requirement for every business in the UK. Furthermore, it has a range of benefits to businesses including reduced accidents and increased confidence in an emergency situation. Most organisations will look for the most convenient first aid training for their staff. Our online training courses can offer exactly that for your customers.


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