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Distribution Partner

Here at VideoTile, we pride ourselves on being able to create a range of interactive video-based eLearning courses. Our training courses are available in various subjects, including business skills, health and safety and social care. All our courses are accredited and approved by the relevant bodies, and they are all exclusively available via our Distribution Partner Network.

Consequently, all of our partners can receive their own fully branded training solution that offers seamless integration to existing websites and business processes. Our Distribution Partner Network makes us the perfect online training provider for a large number of different sectors.

Our Services

When you choose to work with VideoTile as part of our Distribution Partner Network, you will be working with us to licence and sell courses from our huge range of titles. You will have the freedom to purchase any of our current online eLearning courses from our distributor network, or you can design and build your own bespoke training package.

One of the key reasons our video training courses are so effective and popular is because of the stimulus effect of video content combined with the physical video presence of a tutor. This effectively provides the learner with one on one tutoring in their chosen subject. You can choose to have a free of charge evaluation of just how our eLearning solutions could work for you and your business.

What Will You Get As A Distribution Partner?

At VideoTile, we want to grow lasting partnerships that work for everyone. As a result, when you join our Distribution Partner Network, you will benefit from:

  • Fully branded and customised content
  • Engaging and interactive eLearning videos
  • Accredited and approved training courses
  • Full marketing and technical support
  • A range of interactive games
  • Learning management systems
  • Systems for online payment
  • Learner certificate generation.

Our Courses

We offer a massive range of popular eLearning courses in various subject areas. Consequently, our course catalogue includes:

  • A health and safety suite
  • A business skills suite
  • A health and social care suite
  • An emotional intelligence suite
  • A child care tool kit.

Call VideoTile Learning today on 0845 838 2809 to see how we can help, or you can get in touch here.

Have Any Questions?

As an eLearning training provider and video production company, we work with a huge range of clients to offer training solutions for various industries. If you have any questions and are looking to find out more about VideoTile including who we are, what we do, and how we can help your business, then read on for our frequently asked questions.

Who are VideoTile?

At VideoTile, we are a team of dedicated training professionals and video creators that work hard to create interactive video-based eLearning courses for training professionals to use with their clients. We offer a full suite of existing video eLearning courses which we can brand and license for any business to utilise. Furthermore, we can also create fully bespoke packages to meet your every need.


What services do you offer?

We specialise in creating video-based content and online training videos for an extensive range of different businesses. You can use our videos internally for staff training or externally with your own clients. At VideoTile, our services include:

  • Creation of eLearning courses
  • Video production for websites
  • Online presenters
  • Online training courses
  • Interactive video content
  • Online web videos for promotional use.


How can you work with my business?

We pride ourselves in creating a full service when it comes to online eLearning courses for training professionals. We believe that good communication is the key to any successful business plan, and we combine our extensive knowledge of corporate practices and processes with our specialist communication skills. This unique approach offers our customers an improved client understanding and product affiliation in a range of highly competitive industries.


What is VideoTile’s background?

VideoTile has evolved from a background of broadcast television and corporate film. Back in 1979, VideoTile’s Production Director created a production company in order to get involved with the new video recording technologies that had just come about. During the next 20 years, the company focused on producing documentary-style TV programmes for major networks and large corporations.

In 1997, the company had the concept of embedding their video content within a web page. We did this in a way that looked like to functioned as part of a larger canvas. This is where VideoTile first began. Our first project being an online promotional web video demonstrating an in-car navigation system.

Do you have any questions?

Call VideoTile Learning today on 0845 838 2809 to see how we can help, or you can get in touch here.

How E-Learning Can Help My Business

For trainers, there is nothing better than delivering face-to-face training to ensures engagement. However, face-to-face training can have its drawbacks. From taking a long time to deliver, the costs of course delivery and the fact that many people want digital methods of training.

If you want to meet customer demand, then providing e-learning can significantly help your business. You may ask how e-learning can help my business? Here are the best ways it can prove to be a success for your organisation.

How e-learning can help my business – three ways

  1. Increase retention

You want your training to be a success. E-learning is proven to have better retention rates than face to face learning. For example, retention for e-learning can be as high as 60% compared to just 8% for face-to-face training.

  1. Gamification

Companies and individuals are always looking for new and better ways to learn. One popular method is gamification. Gamification is shown to help prove deeper learning and better retention rates. Gamification is hard to adopt in face-to-face learning. However, with e-learning, it is easy to include quizzes and activities and enable players to achieve badges and win trophies.

With this, e-learning can help your business by giving it a unique concept that excites clients.

  1. Deliver at pace

All students learn at their own pace. When teaching face to face, it can be difficult to ensure the pace suits every student. However, with e-learning, students can learn at their own pace, without you needed to set the pace, speed up or slow down. You create training that can suit individual learning paces. For students that want to learn more, you can include additional resources, for students who require the essential information at a simple pace, you can supply that too.

So, how e-learning can help my business?

If you want to find out how e-learning can help my business, speak to the team at VideoTile to find out more about e-learning development for your business.