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Interactive Video-Based E-Learning Courses

Creating e-learning courses that engage and hold a viewer’s attention isn’t an easy task. Many interactive video-based e-learning courses are repetitive and mundane, causing the learner to switch off. The aim is to create interactive video-based e-learning courses that keep your audience involved, engaged and interested right until the very end.


Adding an element of interactivity to video learning is an excellent way of getting your audience to become active participants in their own learning experience, but that interactive element needs to be correctly created. It is vital that you choose a training video production company that can provide your training courses with high quality, interactive video-based e-learning courses.


Who Are VideoTile?

Here at VideoTile, we pride ourselves on creating unbeatable interactive video-based e-learning courses. As a result, training professionals use them to empower and engage their audience. Evolving from the world of corporate film and television production, our team of experts have a tremendous amount of experience in creating top quality video content.


Over the years, the team has expanded by acquiring an increasing level of expertise. We specialise in areas such as computer programming, animated graphics and video. Today, VideoTile is the most experienced company in the country that specialises in presenter-led web video content and interactive video-based e-learning courses.

Why Choose VideoTile For Interactive Based E-Learning Courses?

Our professional team of specialists can build completely bespoke programmes to suit your every training need. If you don’t require a bespoke solution, we have an extensive range of existing courses that can you can license for your use.


Our interactive video-based e-learning courses are specially produced for a variety of different businesses and sectors. We provide courses for internal staff use or external clients. We combine our extensive knowledge of corporate practices and processes with our specialist communication and video production skills. With this, we create a unique set of interactive video-based e-learning courses.


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Health and Social Care

Health and social care training is often an essential aspect of many businesses. Consequently, our extensive range of accredited and approved online training courses can cover every aspect of health and social care.

All our online training resources and videos can be fully branded to your business, ready for you to deliver to your clients. If you have a specific requirement for your health and social care training courses, we can create bespoke content designed around you. Our health and social care interactive video-based e-learning courses cover:


Health and Social Care Courses


Infection Control

Anyone who is in a position where they might be vulnerable to infections should complete infection control training. Furthermore, if your clients operate across health care sectors, then it is vital that you can provide them with adequate infection control training materials. This course will cover exactly what is involved in controlling infection and how it can impact a business and the individuals within it.


Mental Health Awareness

Mental health can affect anyone from any walk of life, no matter their background, gender, intelligence or other factors. Consequently, in almost any business, it is essential that workers understand the difference between mental health and mental illness, and the symptoms to look out for. For your clients who work in health and social care, mental health awareness training is vital.


Equality, Diversity and Discrimination

Many employers and employees are aware of what equality and diversity mean. However, they are often not clear on how these important aspects affect a business and the people within it. This health and social care e-learning course covers everything your clients need to know about equality and diversity in the workplace.  It ensures they have the knowledge they need to meet their responsibilities as an employer.


Safeguarding Training

We offer two interactive e-learning video courses for safeguarding training; safeguarding children and safeguarding adults. The focus on these health and social care courses is that every single person has basic human rights. Consequently, it is essential that businesses have guidelines, policies and procedures in place. As a result, you can ensure always to uphold the values and rights and training is a vital part of this.


Are you looking for health and social care courses?

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video training

Video training content continues to grow significantly in popularity in recent years. This is because it creates an engaging and innovative e-learning tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is clear that video and online training works wonders for businesses. So by offering these services to your clients, you will make it easier than ever for them to train their staff.

If video training is not something you have offered to your clients before then, it can be difficult to get your head around. Here at VideoTile, clients often ask our team a lot of questions about how our video training content can help training providers. For example, many wonder why video works so well for learning. We are sharing the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions from training providers:

How can you monitor the video’s engagement and return on investment?

We like to be able to provide our clients with tangible evidence that our training videos can deliver a good return on investment and increase client engagement on your website. We can utilise heat mapping and eye tracking technology to test the exact areas of a webpage that are most engaging to the audience. Our psychometric testing can determine the effectiveness of presenter-led video content, compared to static text and images.

Will video training content increase the amount of time clients spend on my website?

Yes. Adding video to your website is proven to have an immediate impact on your website performance. Many of our clients have seen their daily page views rise by over 200% and their sales have also increased to reflect this. Clients also experience around a 40% increase in page views per user on their sites. Furthermore, the time spent on the sites grew by more than 50%.

Can you use video training on mobile devices and across social media?

With all of your training videos, we also create a version that your users can enjoy on mobile devices. For your audiences, the mobile experience will be seamless. Furthermore, we will deliver the final branded video in a format that is ready to be used across social media.

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