VideoTile specialise in providing your training company with high quality video content. Our distributor package provides you with your own suite of branded online courses. With over 100 titles, we have the perfect mix of content to suit your business and a perfect suite of e-learning branded for you and your customers. Our courses split easily into separate categories so you can find exactly what you need.

Signing up as a distributor gives you plenty of access to high quality materials and added features. Sign up to access all of the following benefits.

Online Shop Feature

VideoTile help you to create pages on your website to help promote the e-learning courses. The branded courses can easily generate passive income useful for your business. The shop feature includes everything you need such as:

  • Imagery
  • Content
  • Promotional videos
  • Free trial, Buy Now and User Login functionality

We keep things simple so your customers can easily access exactly what they need with no difficulty.

Learning Management System

Utilising the VideoTile LMS is ideal for quickly and easily access all training and e-learning content and progress. It is the space where you create and manage user accounts. Alternatively, If you already have your own LMS, you link to the VideoTile LMS using our in-house-created API.

Sales Features

VideoTile distributor packages come complete with promotional materials to support your choice of courses. This includes include a sales presentation, email campaign, flyers, promotional web videos and various other assets you can embed into your current marketing campaigns. Additionally, there are training materials provided so your business can effectively promote and sell your video courses.

Courses and E-Learning Branded For You

We specialise in white labelling which allows your business’ branding to do all the talking. Our quality video courses are easy to sell and the content is ideal for a wide range of customers in different business areas. We sell our courses to specialist training companies who only require one type of course as well as to larger providers who may cover employment-based training in a more general way.

Our dedicated customer service team will help you get the most from your distributor package. All of our clients have their own dedicated customer services advisor. Therefore, you have a core point of contact within our team to act as a knowledgeable extension of your technical and marketing departments.

Contact Us Today for your E-Learning Package

We work with companies of all sizes helping to support their e-learning programmes. If you’re looking for a range of branded online courses, email or call 0845 838 2809 for a chat with our expert team.