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Online COSHH

COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, has been law since the 1980s. It is, however, a law that it is easy to fall foul of. Substances hazardous to health covers a wide range of things. Employers are responsible for making sure that risks of exposure are as low as reasonably possible.

Training is a very important part of COSHH compliance. By offering online COSHH to your clients, they can keep their teams safe and avoid unnecessary risk.

Who Should Receive COSHH Training?

Anyone who works with substances that are hazardous to health should be trained on COSHH. This will affect a large range of employees, some not as obvious as others. For example, cleaning staff members use solvents and detergents, which are considered hazardous substances. Anyone who works in a dusty environment, such as a bakery or a long term storage facility needs to be trained.

Most importantly, managers need to be trained in COSHH. It is the responsibility of managers to ensure that risk assessments have been undertaken and are being followed. This means that they need to have a firm grasp on the concepts involved,  even if they are not directly working with hazardous substances.

Why Online COSHH Training is an excellent option

COSHH training can be a little dense and dry. To counter this, you want to offer training that is engaging and easy to review. Online training provides employees a training option that is interactive and easy to return to if they need a refresher. By offering online training to your clients, you are giving their team the best tool to maintain the health and safety of everyone in the workplace.

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Online Manual Handling Training

Getting your employees trained in manual handling, is not only a legal requirement, but it’s also a smart business decision. More than 1 in 3 workplace injuries are caused by bad lifting technique. These injuries are generally musculoskeletal in nature and are often back related. Injuries like this can be painful and debilitating, which can lead to employees needing a large number of days off work. To avoid this drain on the business labour pool, firms need to train their team. By offering online manual handling training, you can help businesses protect their workforce. However, this training should be accessible and engaging.

What is online manual handling training?

Manual handling training can be split into two parts. There is the awareness side of the training. This covers the relevant regulations and legislation, along with the theory behind safe lifting practices. A practical training session typically follows the theoretical part of the training.

With two-part training like this, it can be challenging to get all your employees together for the time necessary. That’s why online training is an excellent option here. Each employee can complete the theoretical part of the training at a time that suits them. Then you only need to arrange the practical component of the training course.

Online training is an engaging choice for a topic that is often repeated. Manual handling if often a type of training that a lot of employees can be resistant to engaging with. Many think they already know how to lift things, so don’t pay attention. Professionals present our online training. We use stylish graphics and interactive games and questions to keep everyone engaged. This means that you have reassurance  that firms and their employees engage with the training. No one can just switch off during the presentation.

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Online Legionella Training

Asbestos was once so widely used in many industries; it still remains part of many commercial, residential and public buildings today. It is a requirement that workers that may come into contact with asbestos receive appropriate training. This is in order to keep themselves safe. By offering your clients online asbestos training courses, you will be able to help them stay on the right side of the law and offer their employees the training they need.

What Is Asbestos Training?

Thousands of people fall ill every single year because of Asbestos. It is one of the most dangerous materials in the construction industry. Furthermore, if individuals do not handle asbestos with proper care and attention, it can cause life-threatening illnesses. Our online asbestos training course offers interactive e-learning for your clients and their employees. Whether you are a training provider looking for online courses to offer your clients, or a health and safety company providing training to customers, our online courses can help. All our courses are presenter-led. They also include fully interactive animations that are highly engaging and encourage fast learning.

Why Offer Asbestos Training?

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 state that it is a legal requirement that all employees that could suffer potential exposure to asbestos must receive the correct training. This training must include adequate information and instruction. It must also include advice on how to handle asbestos safely.

We can brand and license all of our asbestos training online courses for your own company. This gives you the freedom to offer engaging and interactive online e-learning asbestos training courses to your full client list.

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