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Fire Safety Training

 A fire can devastate a business in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, work environments are often full of potential fire hazards. Consequently, employers have a responsibility to their staff to provide adequate training in fire safety, and this is the case across all types of industries and workplaces.

As a training provider, being able to offer effective fire safety training is essential, as it is a training course that every single business requires. The purpose of fire safety training is to ensure that companies are providing adequate training to help their staff identify and reduce fire risks.

What Fire Safety Training Is Available?

We offer a full range of online fire safety training, which can all be licensed and fully branded to suit your training company. Our fire safety training courses are:

  • Basic Fire Safety: This 60-minute online course provides learners with a thorough understanding of basic fire awareness. This includes what to do in the event of a fire and how to extinguish a fire using basic techniques. This course is a cost-effective way for employers to fulfil their legal requirements under the Fire Safety Order 2005.
  • Basic Fire Safety For Care Homes: This interactive e-learning course covers the same content as Basic Fire Safety. However, we explicitly tailor for care home employees.
  • Fire Marshal: An extensive online training course for Fire Marshals. This 220-minute course trains individuals in how to assist in emergency fire evacuation procedures within a business. It is a legal requirement that every workplace has a sufficient number of fire marshals.
  • Fire Marshal For Care Homes: This extensive e-learning course covers the same content as Fire Marshal training. However, we tailor specifically to care home staff.
  • Fire Extinguisher: A quick online training course to teach employees how to use a fire extinguisher to tackle a fire. This includes identifying the types of fire extinguishers, the correct way to use them and the necessary pre-engagement action.

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Manual Handling Training

As a training provider, being able to offer your clients manual training means you can help them teach their employees how to work safely. Manual handling training is essential for any businesses.  It is for all employees who may face lifting and carrying during their time at work.

One of the most common causes of injury at work is incorrect manual handling. Furthermore, it accounts for over a third of the injuries that happen in the workplace. Businesses will want to provide their employees with this kind of training in order to minimise the risk of injury. Especially as they could result in absences from work.

What Is Manual Handling Training?

Manual handling training courses will teach learners how they can safely complete their tasks when they involve manual handling. Our online, interactive training courses cover the correct ways to lift heavy objects to reduce injury. They also include how learners can identify and combat any risks. Our manual handling training will teach your clients and their employees why manual handling is essential, how to complete a risk assessment, and how to apply safe manual handling principles.

All of our online courses are produced to the highest quality using specialist online video production methods. We use a combination of a knowledgeable presenter, animations and quiz-style questions for engagement and stimulation. VideoTile can brand and license our manual handling online training courses for your own training company, for you to offer to your portfolio of clients. We create all of our online training content in house. Our seasoned professionals design content that works around your business and your customers. We can also create bespoke manual handling training courses that are unique to you.

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Abrasive Wheels Training


A huge range of tools and processes that we utilise across various industries use abrasive wheels. Ensuring the correct and safe use is of utmost importance and often requires specific training. Many businesses will have members of staff that either regularly or occasionally use abrasive wheels in the workplace. These employers should be able to provide adequate training. Your clients will have a duty of care to keep their employees safe at work. In many industries, this includes training in how to safely use abrasive wheels.


What Is Abrasive Wheels Training?

Different abrasive wheels will come with different properties and characteristics that are suitable for individual and specific tasks. All of these abrasive wheel tools will have their own unique weaknesses, risks and hazards during use. It is essential that those who are responsible for using this equipment are knowledgeable on the relevant regulations and safety procedures for all the various abrasive wheel types. Our abrasive wheels online training course will provide your clients with the skills and knowledge they need to ensure their employees have proper training in staying safe in the workplace.


Who Is Abrasive Wheels Training For?

As a training provider, there will be many of your customers that use abrasive wheels in the workplace. Their employees will benefit hugely from having proper training on how to safely use abrasive wheels. Furthermore, they will know how to properly store and maintain this type of equipment. We design our abrasive wheels training for anyone who takes part in the selection, inspection and use of abrasive wheels.


Why Offer Abrasive Wheels Training?

PUWER 98 (The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998) states that all machinery used in a workplace is suitable for its intended use and is appropriately maintained. This means that all of your client’s employees who use, mount, and manage the operation of abrasive wheels, should receive adequate training . Furthermore, staff should have comprehensive information on how to conduct their jobs safely.


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