Any company not already utilising the power of video in their training resources is surely losing business. As many as 58% of respondents to one survey stated they use digital video to learn new skills. Video eLearning courses drive learning, make it easier and more interactive. Especially since the pandemic, people are looking for virtual ways to learn and training businesses and organisations need to ensure their business delivers this value to their customers.

Why choose video eLearning courses?

eLearning courses can be seamlessly integrated into your current learning management system.  Therefore, users can quickly move from your site to the learning hub. Utilising leading trends such as video and interactivity, an online course can be upgraded and updated to suit your clients’ needs.

Video is renowned for its digestible and engaging nature. We craft our courses utilising experts in everything from videography to production and of course content creation. You can explore our catalogue to find the most suitable courses for your business.

What video eLearning courses can I offer?

At VideoTile, we make it easy for training providers.  Providers can offer online interactive, video-based content for their clients. We can transform your current training course offering into something truly bespoke and instantly engaging.

VideoTile create unique content to add or enhance your current portfolio. We also offer a range of courses that we licence and fully brand to help you meet your clients’ needs with ease.

You may a specialist training provider and only need courses in your niche such as health and safety or healthcare or you may be a more general provider. In all instances our extensive course catalogue can help ensure you have the right range of courses for your customers. Our off-the-shelf product is ideal for many clients, but our bespoke offering allows for a more personalised and branded experience for your customers. You can explore our options and find the right solution for your business and customers.

Video eLearning Courses with VideoTile

From health and safety, business skills to alcohol awareness, VideoTile offers a diverse range of courses. We can brand our video course range  to suit your needs and to deliver what your customers need.

We support training providers and educational institutes in ensuring their customers access the highest quality video training. Making training engaging and interactive helps to ensure the key information is effectively delivered and learners feel confident in their new knowledge.

Get in touch today to discuss the options suitable for your business.