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Video E-Learning Courses

Here at VideoTile, we use our skills and expertise to create effective video e-learning courses in a range of subjects. As a training provider, it is vital that you have a complete portfolio of courses on offer. Some businesses require training, so they meet their legal obligations, while others want to upskill their workforce. Because we pride ourselves on creating efficient and engaging courses, our distribution network is becoming increasingly popular.

Health And Safety Video E-Learning Courses

Businesses of all shapes and sizes require health and safety training of some form. This is because it is a legal requirement in the UK, and appropriate training is needed for compliance. Our top health and safety video e-learning courses include;

  • Allergen Awareness

Approved by RoSPA & CPD, our allergen awareness course is vital for those in the food industry. It covers all the allergen basics, including what they are and how to serve them responsibly.

  • Working At Height

Because many employees in a range of industries are required to work at a height, this course is popular. It is RoSPA approved and ensures businesses are meeting their legal requirements.

  • Basic Fire Safety Awareness

The Regulatory Reform Order (2005) requires all employers to provide adequate training in fire safety to all employees. Because of this, our fire safety course is an excellent addition to your training portfolio.

Business Skills Video E-Learning Courses

We also offer a range of business skills courses, which are popular across a variety of industries. Many training providers choose to provide the following courses in their portfolios;

  • SEO For Business

Approved by CPD, this course covers the basics of using SEO for business. Because SEO is a significant part of many marketing strategies, it is a popular course.

  • Sales Skills

No matter the industry, businesses need staff that have relevant and updated sales skills. By offering this course, you can offer your clients the latest in sales skills training.

For our full range of courses, and to discuss how to become part of our distribution network, contact us at VideoTile today.

E-Learning Courses

Every company requires some form of training solutions for their employees. They could be looking to enhance their team’s skillset, or simply meet their legal requirements. Whatever the reason, as a training provider, it is vital that you have the courses on offer. Because most employers want the most effective training while also being the least disruptive to the business, e-learning courses are the best solution.

How Can Offering E-Learning Courses Help Your Business?

If you’re wondering why you should invest in e-learning courses, then it’s essential you understand the benefits they can bring. Organisations will be on the lookout for training solutions that are efficient and effective. Because of this, online training courses are growing in popularity. The many benefits of e-learning courses include;

  • Convenient And Flexible

E-learning has no boundaries, and so learners can complete training at a time and place that suits them. These courses can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection, so there is no need for learners to be in the office. As a training provider, you can give this level of flexibility and freedom to all of your clients,

  • Increased Performance

Online training courses can be completed far quicker than in-person training. Because of this, workers are able to get back to their daily tasks and put their new skills to the test. E-learning courses don’t take employees time away from their work and helps to improve overall job performance.

  • Real-Time Feedback

Because e-learning is completed and assessed in real-time, learners can benefit from instant feedback. They can see what they have got right and what areas need more work, and management teams can also see overviews of this information. When you offer your clients online courses, you can help them reduce manual training evaluations.

To find out more about how online training courses can help your business grow, and how to add them to your portfolio, get in touch today.


Online Courses With Certification

One of the most important things for any training provider is a complete and updated portfolio. Because many businesses and industries require ongoing training, having a full range of courses is vital. Online courses with certification are perfect for training providers that need to offer courses such as health and safety. We pride ourselves on providing our partners with a massive range of courses so that they can complete their portfolio.

Online Courses With Certification From VideoTile

We have over 100 courses, and because we know how important quality is, every single one is approved and accredited. We work with various accreditation partners to ensure that all our courses are of the highest quality. When you add our online courses to your training portfolio, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality content. Some of our top online courses with certification include;

  • Online Health And Safety E-Learning. Because we use the latest video production tools, our health and safety courses can be completed online. This course covers the basics of health and safety for all businesses and industries, making it a great addition to your portfolio.
  • Online Display Screen Equipment Training. All employers are required to comply with the Health and Safety Regulations 1992. Because of this, display screen equipment training is essential. This course covers the appropriate and safe use of laptops, tablets, mobiles, televisions and many other devices.
  • Online Fire Safety Training. Because fire safety training is essential for businesses of all sizes, it is a course that all training providers should offer. Our online fire safety training provides adequate training to ensure that businesses are complying with the Regulatory Reform Order 2005.

Whichever online courses with certification you are looking to add to your portfolio, VideoTile can help. By becoming a distribution partner, you can gain access to our full range of 100+ courses, fully branded to your own business. For more information and to discuss your needs, get in touch today.