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How E-Learning Can Help My Business

For trainers, there is nothing better than delivering face-to-face training to ensures engagement. However, face-to-face training can have its drawbacks. From taking a long time to deliver, the costs of course delivery and the fact that many people want digital methods of training.

If you want to meet customer demand, then providing e-learning can significantly help your business. You may ask how e-learning can help my business? Here are the best ways it can prove to be a success for your organisation.

How e-learning can help my business – three ways

  1. Increase retention

You want your training to be a success. E-learning is proven to have better retention rates than face to face learning. For example, retention for e-learning can be as high as 60% compared to just 8% for face-to-face training.

  1. Gamification

Companies and individuals are always looking for new and better ways to learn. One popular method is gamification. Gamification is shown to help prove deeper learning and better retention rates. Gamification is hard to adopt in face-to-face learning. However, with e-learning, it is easy to include quizzes and activities and enable players to achieve badges and win trophies.

With this, e-learning can help your business by giving it a unique concept that excites clients.

  1. Deliver at pace

All students learn at their own pace. When teaching face to face, it can be difficult to ensure the pace suits every student. However, with e-learning, students can learn at their own pace, without you needed to set the pace, speed up or slow down. You create training that can suit individual learning paces. For students that want to learn more, you can include additional resources, for students who require the essential information at a simple pace, you can supply that too.

So, how e-learning can help my business?

If you want to find out how e-learning can help my business, speak to the team at VideoTile to find out more about e-learning development for your business.

how e-learning can help your business

When it comes to building and growing a successful training business, you have to meet customer demand. Customer demand is now steering towards e-learning. Organisations are seeking e-learning options as a way to train and develop their teams. E-learning can also help them to achieve any business goals and objectives. With e-learning offering organisations so many benefits, it is time to focus on how e-learning can help your business.

Three ways how e-learning can help your business

  1. Meet demand

Customers are looking for the easy ways to satisfy their training requirements. E-learning is the ideal solution as it is flexible, on-demand and easy to organise. In a dynamic business environment, e-learning is a preferred instruction. Furthermore, it is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. If you do not provide e-learning as a method of training, then you may see a decline in customers as you fail to meet customer demand.

  1. Business growth

With a learning management system in place, growing your training provision is easy with e-learning. You do not need to expand your team with skilled trainers; you do not need to manage schedules of which team members can be at which training location. Instead, organisations can access your learning management system 24 hours a day and obtain the training materials that they need to. Once you have a learning management system in place, it is relatively easy to add new courses and grow your training brand.

  1. Spending wisely

Growing a training business can take a lot of capital, especially when marketing events and utilising venues to host training courses. However, e-learning can help your business by reducing the capital spend. Purchasing training courses that are branded for your needs can save you a lot of money compared to designing and developing your own training from scratch. You can then create partnerships to market your material in a cost friendly way.

How VideoTile e-learning can help your business

Grow your e-learning presence with the help of VideoTile. We can create cost-friendly, bespoke e-learning courses or simply purchase the pre-designed online training that we brand for your needs. Browse our online training options here and email us at to discuss your bespoke requirements.

how e-learning can help your business

For all training providers, e-learning should be a core product as part of your training provisions. Going digital is a key step for trainers, helping you to meet customer demand and ensure your training is fresh and suitable for the modern workplace. By offering digital solutions, e-learning can help your business and your clients too.

So, how is it that e-learning can help your business?

Three ways e-learning can help your business

  1. Tailored training

E-learning is a great way to offer your clients customised training that best suits their needs. Whether it is changing the learning objects to meet specific needs, or using examples from a particular industry or environment to make the training more relevant. With e-learning you can configure your training to work around your clients. Furthermore, you can charge a premium for a bespoke training programme.

  1. Sell 24/7

Another benefit of providing e-learning is that your clients can purchase and access training whenever they choose to. By having an online payment system and a Learning Management System on your website, learners can access your content at any time of day. As a result, it makes it easier for customers to purchase your products and your business can earn money even when you are asleep.

  1. Keep it relevant

For training courses to stay ahead of competitors, it needs to be fresh, engaging and relevant. Fortunately, e-learning training is easy to update and revise as necessary, especially if you enlist the help of VideoTile for e-learning creation. You can also add a range of features to courses to keep it exciting such as interactive videos.

How VideoTile can help you

At VideoTile, we have a team of experts who can create fresh, exciting e-learning to suit your training requirements. For your business, we can create fully branded solutions to suit your training style. Get in touch to find out how we can help you to develop successful, innovative e-learning by emailing