E-Learning Courses are a great way to upskill existing staff or train new recruits. VideoTile can help your business by providing the perfect e-learning courses for your needs.

The courses provide enhanced online learning for the workplace. Our range of online courses is extensive. Ultimately, giving you the opportunity to provide additional learning for your employees.

Ensuring your staff are up to date with the latest legal requirements can be time-consuming. VideoTile can help your business by taking some complexity out of this. Furthermore, we can help provide learning for employees, wherever they are.

About VideoTile

VideoTile creates interactive video-based e-learning courses. We cover a variety of subjects with over 100 titles so finding a course suitable for your team is easy. Sectors include Health and Safety, Social Care, and Business Skills.

Moreover, our full suite of approved and accredited online courses can be white labelled and distributed by you.
You have the flexibility to choose courses that suit your needs. As we have many relevant and up to date courses.

In addition, the e-learning courses start with an RRP of just £25 per candidate. The below gives just a snapshot of the online courses available.

Business Skills, Leadership And Employability Suite

Within the Business skills, Leadership and Employability suite, there are many courses. These of which suit a variety of businesses. There are many aspects to running any type of organisation so the E-Learning Courses for Businesses include learning for those in leadership roles.

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
Equality, Diversity and Discrimination
Time Management

Social Media

The Social Media for Business Courses includes information about all relevant platforms. For more detailed information about each of the social media accounts, there are specific courses.

Facebook for Business
LinkedIn for Business
Twitter for Business


Ensuring staff are educated and aware of licencing laws is imperative. Especially as the hospitality sector gets ready for Christmas. Importantly, The Licenced Premises Staff Training is a CPD approved course that covers the requirements you must fulfil when running an establishment serving alcohol.

Our full course catalogue can be found here so you can read all the details and find the perfect course for your business.

Branded E-Learning Courses for Businesses

VideoTile’s distributor package provides you with your own suite of branded online courses. We have the perfect mix of content to suit your business so get in touch today!

Our team are experts in the field so contact us today to understand how VideoTile can help your business.

We can be contacted by email or you can call 0845 838 2809 so you can chat with our experienced team.