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Who We Are

VideoTile is a Web Video Production Company. We help businesses communicate online using specially produced web video content. Whether it is internally with your staff or externally with your clients, VideoTile delivers.

VideoTile was the first UK company to master the difficult balance between speed of loading, robust performance, excellent picture quality and an ability to seamlessly integrate the video content onto the webpage.


TV Commercial for Carloan4U

High impact TV advert to be broadcast on ITV for the UKs leading car finance broker.

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen, acclaimed designer and TV presenter best known for his appearance on BBC’s changing rooms has designed a range of signature bouquets for one of the UKs largest florist networks.

Over 100 Presenters Available

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Video production editing

corporate video production UK As a web video production company our primary objective is to help businesses communicate more effectively online by means of specially produced video content. We aim to deliver both in terms of you getting a message across to your staff internally, or with clients on an external basis. As the first UK company to master the extremely complex balance of speed of loading, a resolute and robust performance, and a picture quality of an excellent standard, coupled with being able to integrate web video content seamlessly onto a web page, we have built a strong reputation as a company that has helped online business convert viewers into customers. The company evolved from the corporate film and television broadcast industry around thirty years ago, when documentaries were made for TV networks and large corporations here in the UK and across the pond in the USA. Just over ten years ago, the concept of embedding video content onto web pages so that it appeared as a functioning tool on a large canvas was come up with and it was simply a matter of time before video production services could fully realize their potential as the internet moved from dial-up connection to broadband. The company was then able to gather expertise in what is commonly referred to as New Media; an area that encompasses computer programming, animated graphics and video, and today it is considered to be the most experienced company in the country in presenter-led video content on the web.

Digital video productions

audio-video production Whatever the nature of your website, VideoTile can act as a production service and also a presenter-led component and we take care of and manage the entire process and all creative stages. The first stage involves us receiving your initial requirements, which we then interpret with you as a guide. For a full service we will write the script, provide the talent and create the background, plus of course we develop the concept to completion, studio record the presenter, edit the recording and then develop the graphics and animation. Finally the content is compiled onto a file that can run on your website, which is either delivered directly to the customer or to their web developer as requested. Alternatively the customer is able to provide the script, for example if your business is related to coaching and training you may have a detailed script ready for us to transform into a VideoTile. Web video production training is a useful means of communicating a training regime to your workforce and you can either provide only the script, with us taking care of the talent and the background, or you can supply the script, talent and background, leaving us to simply produce it. The options are there for you, and we will cater our services to your requirements as best we can. At all times during the creation of the concept of your VideoTile you will be able to provide input and will be a part of the creative process.

Parts of the Process

If you are in need of some talent to present your VideoTile then we have an excellent array of talent available. You simply have to decide upon the look and style that you want to complement the concept of your business, and we can then advise which of our pre-auditioned presenters has the best fit in terms of looks, feel and style. The script is of course something that companies can write by themselves, but if they don’t have the resources or time to do so, then we employ professional scriptwriters to take care of the job. The script will be produced from briefings at either our corporate video production London office or elsewhere, and will also be supplemented with any ideas that capture your primary message. Source material is understandably taken from the existing content on your website and any other company literature that you have to make sure that whatever is written is accurate and informative. Statistics can demonstrate that companies have as little as ten seconds to get their message across to potential customers and to capture their attention, and so any script must have the capacity to hold an audience’s attention whilst key messages are being delivered. So if you are planning on writing the script in-house then make sure you take this on board, as all promotional video production companies will tell you that the script is the most important aspect of the VideoTile to get right.

The Production

Once the concept has been agreed upon, the script finalised, and the presenter chosen, the next stage of the production process involves the creation of animated graphics. The idea is to reinforce the company’s message whilst at the same time providing an extra level of stimulus in order to hold the audience’s attention whilst the core message is being delivered. As an audio-video production graphics will be synchronised to the presenter’s delivery and will form a part of the interactive content on the webpage so as to give an additional means of navigation for viewers of the website. You can choose to have your own web developer construct the graphics content of your VideoTile component or of course we can deliver it for you. Our specially equipped studio is based near Manchester, and this is where all VideoTile recording is carried out. Of course you are more than welcome to attend the recording but it is not essential. By use of autocue our presenters are guaranteed to be word perfect and that essential eye contact is maintained at all times of delivery. As a corporate video production UK company we have over the past ten years or so perfected a range of studio techniques to maximise the quality of production whilst at the same time making the file size as small as possible. We are always focused on delivering an interesting and animated VideoTile and for a nominal charge can record more than one if using the same presenter.

Finishing Touches

Once all the recording has been completed, the video content in its raw form is edited and keyed and the final video presenter component is then provided which will be used on the required web page. As the basic recording has the capacity to be digitally manipulated compounded into three dimensions, editing can add a significant amount of visual creativity and deliver whatever effect is required as per the concept of the VideoTile, whether it’s a business video production or something different. Once complete the VideoTile content will be delivered by our delivery server to you over the internet, and the folder will contain compressed Flash video files and complete shockwave files. So as to be creatively incorporated into your webpage these files can be delivered to you with a transparent alpha channel. You will then be notified by email once everything is complete and the files are ready to be downloaded, which simply leaves you or your web developer to download the necessary content to enable the VideoTile to be placed on your website. As part of our final delivery service, we contain for all our customers an example of how their VideoTile should appear when properly assembled on their web page, but if you our your web developer need any assistance with the online video production we are of course more than happy to help you. Ultimately we hope that our production will help your business pick up more customers, so we are focused on making sure the finished article works perfectly on your website.

Varied Applications

Whatever your needs, VideoTile can be applied to a company’s website for various different applications. Of course every application will require a different style and tone of voice so as to deliver your core message and content in the best possible way, and to this end we have a portfolio of web presenters that is unmatched in the UK. So you can be confident that whatever your application and target audience, you can rely on VideoTile to deliver exactly what you need. No other medium has the capacity to deliver the essence of your company’s message in as fast a time as VideoTile, and is aimed at grabbing viewer’s attention instantly so as to deliver the initial sales pitch of your business before the viewer moves on to another website. As an experienced videos production company, we have learnt the need for customers to have VideoTiles that are easy to update and replace, especially those that have regular company news that needs to be distributed to a remote workforce. In terms of maintaining morale having a human content to deliver a message is essential and can also play a part in driving your management team to achieve their goals. As part of a frequently asked questions section on a website VideoTile provides an excellent solution, as visitors to your website will appreciate being able to receive instant responses from a human face delivered clearly and simply, and which can also be augmented by flash content if required.

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