Providing additional learning for your employees has multiple benefits for them and your business. VideoTile Learning has 100+ E-Learning Courses available. Our range has been carefully designed to suit all businesses.

VideoTile offers a course for every learner in many business sectors, with plenty of options for you to choose from. The course catalogue has 100+ E-Learning Courses available. Our course range includes Health and Safety, Social Care and Business Skills. Our full suite of approved and accredited online courses can be white-labelled and distributed by you, allowing you to add value to what you offer your range of customers.

Explore 100+ Video E-Learning Courses

The range of online courses available is split into categories in the Course Catalogue. This means you can select the correct course that is the most appropriate for your customers.

VideoTile’s e-learning courses can be used in conjunction with classroom training or as refresher training. In addition, they can be used as modules in apprenticeships or packages with other products and services.

When you offer e-learning to your customers, the ability to offer a range of online courses is important. Our easy-to-navigate E-Learning Course Catalogue is available for more information on each of our courses.

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VideoTile Learning is an industry-leading e-learning and online video production company that creates interactive, video-based e-learning courses for training professionals. The company evolved from corporate film and broadcast television in 1979 when VideoTile’s Production Director formed a company to take advantage of new video recording technologies.

Throughout the 80s and 90s, and early 2000s, the company produced documentary-style programmes for the ITV network and large corporate organisations in the UK and USA. Offices were maintained in Hollywood, in addition to its UK production base.

In 1997, in association with Californian internet specialists, WareNet, we developed the concept of embedding video content into a web page, so it appeared as a functioning part of a much larger canvas.

From the early 2000s, the company acquired an increasing level of expertise in the converging technologies of computer programming, animated graphics and video – a range of platforms that became known as ‘New Media’.

VideoTile quickly is now the most experienced video company in the UK, specialising in presenter-led web video content.

100+ E-Learning Courses Available with VideoTile

Our industry knowledge and expertise are clear. You can benefit from our many years of experience when you get involved and access our course catalogue. Get in touch if you need more information.