VideoTile works with many customers and regularly delivers branded distribution packages. Our training partner customers benefit from our full suite of courses suitable for your business needs. Branded distribution packages from VideoTile incorporate the content you need with the opportunity to fully customise and brand the package to suit your business requirements.

Features of Branded Distribution Packages

The branded distribution packages option from Videotile includes a suite of online, video-based training courses suitable. Adding your business branding to our courses is straightforward. Our courses are also approved by many industry bodies and certification schemes. There are over 100 titles in our range, including health and safety, business skills, hospitality, social care, and leadership. Our specialise video content is of the highest quality and ensures a great learning experience for all.

Branded Partner Packages

Our packages include:

Online shop

We can create pages on your website that effectively promote the courses you’ve chosen. Customers benefit from a full package including all imagery, content and promotional materials. In addition, we can fully design the shop function and add it to your website with options for a free trial, buy now and logins for already registered users. Secure online payment functionality is also possible to make it easy for your customers to purchase the courses they need.

Branded LMS

The LMS or learning management system is where you can manage your customer accounts and their candidates. This software is intuitively designed. You and your customers can use it to easily access any required information about users. Important information including test scores, logins and reports is instantly available. It is also the central hub where your customers can check on their candidate’s training and whether they are up to date. You can also easily link up our VideoTile LMS with your existing system if preferred.

Sales & Marketing Materials

We do not sell our courses directly to the end customer. We only market and sell them for licensing and white labelling to e-learning and training organisations like yours. Our courses come with branded promotional package support. This includes a sales presentation, email marketing campaigns, flyers, promotional web videos you can use and other assets you can incorporate into your wider marketing strategy. We also have training support available to help you develop your sales process. Our team can help with telesales, landing page development, social media marketing, PPC and SEO.

Quality Video E-Learning

At VideoTile, we specialise in creating the highest quality content, which is engaging, educational and informative. As a result, our customers benefit from access to a wide range of courses which can be branded and resold as their packaged product. Contact us today to find out more about our content and how to benefit from our branded distribution packages.