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how e-learning can help your business

For all training providers, e-learning should be a core product as part of your training provisions. Going digital is a key step for trainers, helping you to meet customer demand and ensure your training is fresh and suitable for the modern workplace. By offering digital solutions, e-learning can help your business and your clients too.

So, how is it that e-learning can help your business?

Three ways e-learning can help your business

  1. Tailored training

E-learning is a great way to offer your clients customised training that best suits their needs. Whether it is changing the learning objects to meet specific needs, or using examples from a particular industry or environment to make the training more relevant. With e-learning you can configure your training to work around your clients. Furthermore, you can charge a premium for a bespoke training programme.

  1. Sell 24/7

Another benefit of providing e-learning is that your clients can purchase and access training whenever they choose to. By having an online payment system and a Learning Management System on your website, learners can access your content at any time of day. As a result, it makes it easier for customers to purchase your products and your business can earn money even when you are asleep.

  1. Keep it relevant

For training courses to stay ahead of competitors, it needs to be fresh, engaging and relevant. Fortunately, e-learning training is easy to update and revise as necessary, especially if you enlist the help of VideoTile for e-learning creation. You can also add a range of features to courses to keep it exciting such as interactive videos.

How VideoTile can help you

At VideoTile, we have a team of experts who can create fresh, exciting e-learning to suit your training requirements. For your business, we can create fully branded solutions to suit your training style. Get in touch to find out how we can help you to develop successful, innovative e-learning by emailing

data protection e-learning course

The Data Protection Act effects all businesses who hold any kind of personal information. Understanding and complying with the Data Protection Act is a legal requirement. Therefore it is important all your staff are aware of it. Companies should invest in adequate training in this area and a data protection e-learning course is a highly effective choice. Good data management and safety and understanding the best practice with regard to data is beneficial to companies in many ways.

Data Protection in the Workplace

At VideoTile our Data Protection in the Workplace e-learning course helps organisations ensure their employees are fully versed in the necessities surrounding data management and protection. If your business or organisation handles personal information of any kind then you have a legal obligation to protect that information. All staff are obliged to ensure their activities comply with the Data Protection Act, if they handle or deal with the data in question, and they need to be adequately trained to do so.

Efficient Training with a Data Protection E-Learning Course

Organisations investing in data security training, especially online, video-based training like our offering, benefit from efficient and easy to digest content for their staff. Our Data Protection in the Workplace course covers the basic concepts of data security. It also covers the core information and essentials from the Data Protection Act 1998. Individuals attain the knowledge they need to understand their role in the workplace. They will also benefit from a wider view of the importance of data security for the company.

Our data protection e-learning course is accessible via our large network of distribution partners. The course makes it easy to learn a basic understanding of data protection in the workplace. We also design bespoke courses tailored to individual businesses and for our partners. We can take the content of courses such as this as part of your package.

why elearning can help you discover new skills-01

The nature of e-learning makes it a perfect tool for discovering new skills and developing new specialist areas for the workplace. E-learning is designed to suit many different learning styles and it allows for learners to pace themselves appropriately. Fast learners can speed through and put their new skills into practice. Conversely, those who need more time can take it.

E-learning makes it easy to discover new skills and put them to good use because it is tailored to the learner. It also benefits the training organisation and employers too, so everybody benefits. Here are some of the key benefits that come with investment e-learning.

Flexible Scheduling

Some people work better first thing in the morning, others are true night owls. The beauty of e-learning is that it can be take place whenever suits the individual learner. This is ideal for working professionals who need to fit their new skill learning and practice around work commitments. It avoids the need to physically attend classes and new skills can be picked up easily and quickly.

Economical Costs

E-learning is almost always more affordable for the learner and the training provider. It can make learning new skills a feasible option for people. Previously it may have been too costly. Paying less money means the learners may be able to invest in more courses and develop their skills more rapidly.

Diverse Learning Formats

As already mentioned different people have different learning styles and e-learning embraces this and offers varied options. Short digestible modules sit alongside lengthier lesson-style content as well as highly effective video content. Interactive elements such as quizzes and tests are valuable too. They allow learners to reflect on the kinds of content which work best for them and feedback to the training provider.

E-learning makes picking up a new skill easier than ever before. Many learners don’t just stop at one course either!