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Online Food Safety Training

Food Safety training is vital for any business that handles food products. Providing staff with high-quality food safety training has many benefits. The first is meeting legal requirements. However, there are many more. This blog post covers all the benefits of online food safety training for your clients and why you should offer it to your food industry clients.

Benefits of online food safety training

Prevent Cross-Contamination. The number of allergy sufferers is increasing. So, it is vital that your food products don’t contain any contaminants. To achieve this, you need to have the buy-in of everyone who works for you. Correct procedures need to be followed. Most importantly, your team needs to understand why they should follow these procedures. Hence, online training is a great way to get the message out.

Protect your Company’s Reputation. Not only can mistakes with food safety be dangerous for the health of your clients, but they can also damage your company’s reputation. Who would want to get their food from a place that has links with food poisoning?

Improve Employee Motivation. Investing in your employees by training them improves morale. This is because it makes them feel valued. Employees who feel valued are more likely to follow the rules and will also work harder.

Earn the Trust of Your Clients. Telling your clients that every member of your team is trained to a high level is an excellent marketing tool.

Why use Online Training?

We have tailored our training to the food sector, making it ideal for your clients. Whether your clients work in catering, retail or manufacturing our courses are focused on the specific demands of these areas. We offer level 1 and level 2 courses. So, you can tailor the level of training you need for your clients.

With online training, each individual engages with the learning process. The interactive nature of the course ensures that they are being an active participant in their training. The high-quality design and professional finish will make your employees feel like they are valued. It will also send the message that this training is essential.

Contact us for more information about our Online Training Courses, for a free evaluation as to how our solutions will work for your business or to arrange a meeting at our office.

food safety training online

Our online food safety training courses have been approved by ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and we ensure our interactive video-based approach effectively covers everything employees in the food sector could need to know.

All VideoTile courses are interactive, video-based and benefit from professional approval. Our eLearning courses for food professionals are suitable for those working in manufacturing, retail and catering. We release our courses exclusively through our distribution partner network. The courses ensure many professionals in the food sector have a level of training necessary to work compliantly in their respective workplaces.

Our Approved Online Food Safety Training Courses

Our range of food safety courses has been approved and they cover the requirements many employers in the food industry expect for new employees. Each Food Safety Training course covers all the key elements necessary for employees in many different food environments and we offer:

Level 1 and 2 Food Safety in Manufacturing, Catering and Retail

We offer both level 1 and level 2 food safety qualifications. This means businesses have a choice about the level required for their employees. The courses cover all the fundamental knowledge required by food handlers. They look at everything from food hygiene and safety to allergens and cleaning requirements. They also cover relevant legislation and potential penalties for non-compliance.

Food Safety courses in the UK have a pre-set syllabus. This ensures all individuals trained to level 1 or 2 have the same degree of knowledge. The courses are available  for professionals in catering, manufacturing and retail, as food professionals have varied job roles. Since a food handler in retail has different requirements to a chef in a hotel, their training requirements differ too.

The programme features assessment in the form of short multi-choice questions. This allow learners to ensure they have fully digested the information provided so they can put it into practice. It also mean they can reflect on their learning.

Food safety is integral to the success of any food business and furthermore, untrained employees pose a real risk. Our training ensures our distributors are able to help their clients deliver the best training for their workforce.

In conclusion, we take pride in our food safety e-learning courses for professionals in different fields. We endeavour to keep all our courses relevant and up to date because legislation changes from time to time.