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Tinnitus Awareness Week 2019 – 4th – 10th February

The British Tinnitus Association is preparing for Tinnitus Awareness Week 2019 – 4th – 10th February. The awareness week for 2019 is using the theme of Tinnitus and Isolation. So what is tinnitus awareness week and how can you (and your clients) get involved?

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a sound that an individual can hear but has no external source. Sometimes tinnitus is described ringing in the ear. Those who have tinnitus will use the terms of buzzing, whistling, hissing, ringing for the noise. Often it can vary in volume. Furthermore, tinnitus can be a constant noise or an intermittent noise.

An underlying condition usually causes tinnitus, rather than being a disease or illness. However, sadly there is no exact answer to why tinnitus occurs. Often it comes from a mental or physical change in the body. This means tinnitus isn’t always directly related to hearing.

Due to pain, lack of sleep, stress and anxiety that tinnitus brings, The British Tinnitus Association is raising awareness of difficulties tinnitus sufferers face.

What is Tinnitus Awareness Week 2019 – 4th – 10th February?

As many people do not understand tinnitus or the problems that come with the condition, the awareness week is a great event to provide more understanding. Some of the events that are taking place during Tinnitus Awareness Week 2019 – 4th – 10th February includes an overnight helpline to help though with tinnitus who can’t sleep. The British Tinnitus Association are also launching a podcast to give further insight into the condition.

How can you get involved in Tinnitus Awareness Week 2019 – 4th – 10th February?

One of the ways that training providers can get involved in Tinnitus Awareness Week 2019 – 4th – 10th February is to offer Noise Awareness training. At VideoTile, we have created an online training course for Noise Awareness. We can then brand the course to suit your requirements, and you can deliver the course as your own training.

With Tinnitus Awareness Week 2019 – 4th – 10th February, now is the perfect time to show your commitment to health and safety training and awareness for conditions that your clients may be affected by.

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Global Hand Washing Day – 15th October

October 2018 brings Global Hand Washing Day – 15th October. The idea behind the awareness day Is to help motivate people into improving their handwashing habits. This year’s event focuses on food. Global Hand Washing Day – 15th October has the theme of ‘A recipe for health’. The awareness this year is for focusing on the links between good hand washing and food hygiene habits. The day hopes to make hand washing a part of every meal time.

How To Get Involved In Global Hand Washing Day – 15th October

  1. Wash your hands before meals

One of the key takeaways from this year’s Hand Washing awareness day is that it encourages people to wash their hands with soap. This should take place before eating as well as cooking or preparing a meal for others.

  1. Remind others to do the same

The awareness day wants to help keep food safe, prevent diseases and keep children safe and strong. One of the best ways to do this is to showcase good handwashing behaviour and remind others to do the same.

  1. Establish more handwashing facilities

Avoid queues at workplaces and remind others to wash their hands by tactfully placing hand washing facilities in convenient places. If a health facility, school or workplace is lacking in hand washing facilities the Global Hand Washing Day – 15th October is a great time to instigate change.

  1. Promote the day

You can download the infographic for the awareness day so that more people can take part in the event and spread the word on clean and hygienic hands.

  1. Offer training

VideoTile provides trainers with high-quality e-learning for infection control. This can help to demonstrate the importance of hand washing for your clients. Our Infection Control course can be fully branded with your company logo and colours so that you can deliver the training as your own.

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World Mental Health Day - 10th October

Taking place every year, World Mental Health Day – 10th October occurs to raise awareness of mental health issues. This is a global event to highlight mental health issues around the world and to support mental health. The day hopes to make mental health care a reality for everyone worldwide.

In 2018, World Mental Health Day – 10th October will focus on the theme of: ‘young people and mental health in a changing world’. This is because by the age of 14 almost half of all mental health illnesses begin. However, in many cases, these illnesses are undetected and untreated.

Worryingly, for those aged 15 to 29-years-old, suicide is the second leading cause of death. Furthermore, use of alcohol and illicit drugs in harmful quantities is a major issue leading to risky behaviours and is often a cover for underlying mental health issues.

How You Can Help World Mental Health Day – 10th October

The World Health Organisation recommends the more understanding can help with the prevention of mental health issues. They believe prevention comes from a better understanding of the early signs of warning and identifying the symptoms of mental health issues.

As a training provider, one of the ways you can help is by offering a Mental Health Awareness course. VideoTile provides a Mental Health Awareness e-learning course. We can fully brand the course with your theme, colours and logo. This will then enable your clients to have a better understanding of mental health. Furthermore, the course teaches the difference between mental health and mental illness.

The Mental Health Awareness course is ideal for all people who work with people who may be suffering from a condition related to mental health.

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