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Health and Social Care Online Training

Health and social care is a growing sector. There are more people who are looking to start a new career in the area as well as businesses who have a vested interest in upskilling their employees. Health and social care online training is a great way to meet this need.

What is health and social care online training?

VideoTile has a suite of health and social care online training courses. There are courses to cover early years and paediatric training. There are also courses suitable for the care of the elderly. Whichever part of the health and social care sector you work with VideoTile has expertly crafted training resources. Training and continuous professional development are essential in a health and social care setting. VideoTile helps your care industry clients to achieve this.

The online training courses that VideoTile provide can come complete with your company’s own branding.  Our experienced tutors create our training. As a result, the courses cover the most relevant information to keep your client’s employees up to date. The online training courses are tutor-led. They allow trainees to progress at their own pace at times that suit them and their work schedule.

This method of delivery means that the material is covered in a clear and memorable manner. When your employees are able to engage with the information, they are better able to complete the course and improve their skills. Providing training that works for your clients means that they are able to stay up to date. Furthermore, they can enjoy a happy working relationship with you. This improves outcomes for your business, your clients and their business.

Are you looking for health and social care online training?

If you would like to use VideoTile’s resources to provide your clients with easy access to high-quality online training then contact us for more information about our Online Training Courses, for a free evaluation as to how our solutions will work for your business or to arrange a meeting at our office.

Health and Social Care

Health and social care training is often an essential aspect of many businesses. Consequently, our extensive range of accredited and approved online training courses can cover every aspect of health and social care.

All our online training resources and videos can be fully branded to your business, ready for you to deliver to your clients. If you have a specific requirement for your health and social care training courses, we can create bespoke content designed around you. Our health and social care interactive video-based e-learning courses cover:


Health and Social Care Courses


Infection Control

Anyone who is in a position where they might be vulnerable to infections should complete infection control training. Furthermore, if your clients operate across health care sectors, then it is vital that you can provide them with adequate infection control training materials. This course will cover exactly what is involved in controlling infection and how it can impact a business and the individuals within it.


Mental Health Awareness

Mental health can affect anyone from any walk of life, no matter their background, gender, intelligence or other factors. Consequently, in almost any business, it is essential that workers understand the difference between mental health and mental illness, and the symptoms to look out for. For your clients who work in health and social care, mental health awareness training is vital.


Equality, Diversity and Discrimination

Many employers and employees are aware of what equality and diversity mean. However, they are often not clear on how these important aspects affect a business and the people within it. This health and social care e-learning course covers everything your clients need to know about equality and diversity in the workplace.  It ensures they have the knowledge they need to meet their responsibilities as an employer.


Safeguarding Training

We offer two interactive e-learning video courses for safeguarding training; safeguarding children and safeguarding adults. The focus on these health and social care courses is that every single person has basic human rights. Consequently, it is essential that businesses have guidelines, policies and procedures in place. As a result, you can ensure always to uphold the values and rights and training is a vital part of this.


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National Nutrition Month 2019

In just a couple of weeks, a whole month of healthy—based awareness will take place as March is National Nutrition Month 2019. The purpose of this month-long awareness is to promote the importance of good nutrition. It is also hoped the awareness will help people to learn about a healthful eating plan.

What will National Nutrition Month 2019 involve?

The primary learning from National Nutrition Month 2019 aims to promote good health through eating a balanced diet. Some of the key activities throughout the month will be to be able to understand dietary guidance and to read nutrition labels.

The goal is to help more and more people;

  • Get daily exercise
  • Reduce the risk of chronic diseases
  • Make informed food choices
  • To successfully manage their weight
  • Promote general health through a healthier lifestyle.

National Nutrition Month 2019 actually first began in 1973 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Since then, the association has seen a growing interest in nutrition. As a result, the week-long awareness week now extends to a month-long promotion of healthy nutrition.

Getting involved in National Nutrition Month 2019

The main focus of National Nutrition Month 2019 is to raise awareness of healthy eating and promote healthful messages. As a result, one of the best ways to join in with the awareness month is to improve healthy eating and nutrition training.

VideoTile offer a Nutrition and Hydration course for businesses to supply to their own clients. VideoTile will simply brand the training for you to deliver as your own. Therefore, your clients will just need to click on a link on your website to get to the training hosting platform.

The Nutrition and Hydration course covers nutrition in the care environment and the importance of a healthy balanced diet. Consequently, it is the ideal course for your clients who are in the care industry. If you want to take part in National Nutrition Month 2019 by offering nutrition training, then contact VideoTile to learn more about the training today.