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Display Screen Equipment Online Training

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), then it is a legal requirement to protect workers who use display screen equipment. Display screen equipment online training can help your business to abide by the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992. This applies to all workers who use display screen equipment daily, for more than an hour at a time. Display screen equipment includes laptops, smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Why do I need display screen equipment online training?

As part of the legislation, employers must provide an assessment for display screen equipment workstations. Furthermore, employers must ensure to minimise the risks where possible in regard to display screen equipment. This includes taking regular breaks and ensuring equipment is comfortable and ergonomic. As well as this, business should offer eye tests if workers ask for one.

Finally, businesses with employees who regularly use display screen equipment must provide training and information for workers.

The legal requirements for display screen equipment apply for workers that either uses a workstation, are mobile or homeworkers or hot-desk.

What is display screen equipment online training?

VideoTile provides display screen equipment online training for training providers to brand as their own. The VideoTile course is ideal for employees who use display screen equipment as well as those who operate as display screen equipment assessors.

Some of the courses we offer include;

  • Assessing display screen equipment
  • Display screen equipment awareness.

The courses make sure to cover the legal requirements set forward by HSE. As well as this, courses explain the best way to set up the equipment and how to use the display screen equipment safely. With online training from VideoTile, workers can reduce the risk of poor use of display screen equipment as well as work-related conditions.

See the course for yourself with your free trial or get in touch with VideoTile today to learn more.

How E-Learning Can Help My Business

For trainers, there is nothing better than delivering face-to-face training to ensures engagement. However, face-to-face training can have its drawbacks. From taking a long time to deliver, the costs of course delivery and the fact that many people want digital methods of training.

If you want to meet customer demand, then providing e-learning can significantly help your business. You may ask how e-learning can help my business? Here are the best ways it can prove to be a success for your organisation.

How e-learning can help my business – three ways

  1. Increase retention

You want your training to be a success. E-learning is proven to have better retention rates than face to face learning. For example, retention for e-learning can be as high as 60% compared to just 8% for face-to-face training.

  1. Gamification

Companies and individuals are always looking for new and better ways to learn. One popular method is gamification. Gamification is shown to help prove deeper learning and better retention rates. Gamification is hard to adopt in face-to-face learning. However, with e-learning, it is easy to include quizzes and activities and enable players to achieve badges and win trophies.

With this, e-learning can help your business by giving it a unique concept that excites clients.

  1. Deliver at pace

All students learn at their own pace. When teaching face to face, it can be difficult to ensure the pace suits every student. However, with e-learning, students can learn at their own pace, without you needed to set the pace, speed up or slow down. You create training that can suit individual learning paces. For students that want to learn more, you can include additional resources, for students who require the essential information at a simple pace, you can supply that too.

So, how e-learning can help my business?

If you want to find out how e-learning can help my business, speak to the team at VideoTile to find out more about e-learning development for your business.

Have Your Own Online Courses

For all training companies, it is important to diversify your offering to meet the needs of all of your customers. While many people and organisations still enjoy the personalised nature of face to face courses, some aspects of training need to be convenient and easy for organisations to deploy. As a training provider, you can meet these needs and have your own online courses to sell to your clients.

How To Have Your Own Online Courses

While you may have a team of highly experienced and qualified trainers, you may not have the development skills to create your own online courses. This is where VideoTile come in. We are training specialists who work exclusively with training providers. We don’t sell our training directly to customers. Instead, we create online training courses for providers to deliver to customers as their own.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Courses From VideoTile?

Depending on your business objectives and customer base, we have the perfect online training solution for you. Firstly, your training business can choose between our off-the-shelf courses that cover a range of subjects and tackle the most pressing training needs, or we offer bespoke courses. Regardless of the option you select, our team will personalise and brand the course to suit your business.

Our bespoke course development can be an excellent way to bring your distinctive training to life in a brand-new format. This helps to diversify what you offer and means you can deliver the same high standards of training across a range of platforms.

Another benefit of working with VideoTile is the fact that we will host the online training courses on our LMS platform. Your customers just need to click through the links on your website to access the course and begin learning. It couldn’t be simpler for your business to run!

Have Your Own Online Courses Today

Whether you want to increase your offering, keep up with demand or host your training in a brand-new way, VideoTile can help. Get in touch at to find out more.