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Online Equality and Diversity Training

Offering online equality and diversity training is an excellent way to promote positive behaviours in businesses. For your clients, in order to protect their company and employees, it is vital that every staff member receives equality and diversity training.

Why It’s So Important

There are two key reasons why this training is needed. The first is to give employees a clear feeling that they are safe at work. By integrating this training into a company, the firm is signalling the type of culture that they expect. This gives employees the tools they need to feel empowered, and it makes them feel valued. In a perfect world, by making every employee engage with this training, you can help your clients to prevent issues from arising at all.

The second reason for this training is to provide businesses with protection. In the event that an incident occurs between employees, the company can be at risk. However, by providing training to your clients, they can reduce this liability. Training also reduces the probability of an incident occurring in the first place.

The other benefit for the company lies in the development of a diverse workforce. By making a wider range of people comfortable in your workplace, your clients will be able to build a more diverse team. There are many financial benefits to having more viewpoints and ideas in your team.

Why Online Equality And Diversity Training Is The Best Option

Equality and diversity training needs to be delivered to every single employee. This is a big undertaking. By using online training clients can have a record of who has completed the training and when it was completed. It makes it easy to train new employees, from day one, as your clients can have the tool on hand. Because the platform is interactive, employees engage with the training. They don’t simply endure it.

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Online Food Safety Training

Food Safety training is vital for any business that handles food products. Providing staff with high-quality food safety training has many benefits. The first is meeting legal requirements. However, there are many more. This blog post covers all the benefits of online food safety training for your clients and why you should offer it to your food industry clients.

Benefits of online food safety training

Prevent Cross-Contamination. The number of allergy sufferers is increasing. So, it is vital that your food products don’t contain any contaminants. To achieve this, you need to have the buy-in of everyone who works for you. Correct procedures need to be followed. Most importantly, your team needs to understand why they should follow these procedures. Hence, online training is a great way to get the message out.

Protect your Company’s Reputation. Not only can mistakes with food safety be dangerous for the health of your clients, but they can also damage your company’s reputation. Who would want to get their food from a place that has links with food poisoning?

Improve Employee Motivation. Investing in your employees by training them improves morale. This is because it makes them feel valued. Employees who feel valued are more likely to follow the rules and will also work harder.

Earn the Trust of Your Clients. Telling your clients that every member of your team is trained to a high level is an excellent marketing tool.

Why use Online Training?

We have tailored our training to the food sector, making it ideal for your clients. Whether your clients work in catering, retail or manufacturing our courses are focused on the specific demands of these areas. We offer level 1 and level 2 courses. So, you can tailor the level of training you need for your clients.

With online training, each individual engages with the learning process. The interactive nature of the course ensures that they are being an active participant in their training. The high-quality design and professional finish will make your employees feel like they are valued. It will also send the message that this training is essential.

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Online Manual Handling Training

Getting your employees trained in manual handling, is not only a legal requirement, but it’s also a smart business decision. More than 1 in 3 workplace injuries are caused by bad lifting technique. These injuries are generally musculoskeletal in nature and are often back related. Injuries like this can be painful and debilitating, which can lead to employees needing a large number of days off work. To avoid this drain on the business labour pool, firms need to train their team. By offering online manual handling training, you can help businesses protect their workforce. However, this training should be accessible and engaging.

What is online manual handling training?

Manual handling training can be split into two parts. There is the awareness side of the training. This covers the relevant regulations and legislation, along with the theory behind safe lifting practices. A practical training session typically follows the theoretical part of the training.

With two-part training like this, it can be challenging to get all your employees together for the time necessary. That’s why online training is an excellent option here. Each employee can complete the theoretical part of the training at a time that suits them. Then you only need to arrange the practical component of the training course.

Online training is an engaging choice for a topic that is often repeated. Manual handling if often a type of training that a lot of employees can be resistant to engaging with. Many think they already know how to lift things, so don’t pay attention. Professionals present our online training. We use stylish graphics and interactive games and questions to keep everyone engaged. This means that you have reassurance  that firms and their employees engage with the training. No one can just switch off during the presentation.

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