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Bespoke Course Development

As a training provider, you want to ensure that your training is niche and meets the needs of your target audience. After all, your training needs to sell. Bespoke course development is essential for providing your audience with the specific training they need. If you’re working with a business to provide their training, then a bespoke course that’s tailored to their business will help to make the training more effective.

What is bespoke course development?

A bespoke course is a training programme that is specifically tailored to meet a specific need for business or industry. It is not a general course. It uses real-life examples and potential situations that occur within the field to provide the learners with practical examples. A bespoke training course is engaging because it’s relevant and fulfils their specific needs in a way many off-the-shelf courses can’t,

Five benefits of bespoke course development

1. Client preferred

First of all, as a training provider, you want to show your clients how you can adapt to their needs. Offering bespoke courses, utilising the latest e-learning techniques, you can win more business with your clients.

2. Efficiency

General training courses will cover lots of information that may not be relevant for every learner. Furthermore, having a bespoke course includes only the necessary items.

3. Engaging

A bespoke course will be relevant to the industry and potentially specific to their business. As a result, having a course that uses typical work examples will help to keep the learner engaged and motivated to learn.

4. Results based

With specific objectives, you know exactly what you want you learners to gauge from the experience. For particular skills, a bespoke training course can help to develop the learners and equip them with the information they actually need.

5. Flexibility

Developing a bespoke training course allows you to be flexible with your approach. You can be inventive to craft exciting and useful courses that impress your clients and ensure repeat business.

Need bespoke e-learning?

Bespoke training needs engaging e-learning elements. At VideoTile, we can help to craft your perfect e-learning course that is tailored specifically to your needs, whether it is for an industry or a specific client that you’re working with. Tell us about your latest project by calling 0845 838 2809

e-learning training course

Looking for an e-learning training course?

Without a doubt, e-learning training is here to stay. As part of your training offering, e-learning should be part of your solution whether used as a blended method or complete solution. In the last two decades, there has been a rise of 900% in corporate e-learning. Another benefit for training companies and their customers is that while there has been a rise in demand, training costs have been cut by around 70%. With this is in mind, it is time to start looking for an e-learning training course for your business.

What to look for in an e-learning training course

  1. Immersive

If your training offering has primarily focuses on face to face training, then you may be sceptical about how e-learning can be as engaging. Using tools such as video-based e-learning or interactive environments can really help to create an immersive training environment. Whether your training is to encourage behaviour, teach a practical action or to simulate a practice environment.

  1. Content effectiveness

With the range of graphics, videos, podcasts and other innovative elements you can add, you may lose sight of what the training is all about. Content creation must be mastered as this is the backbone of how the structure, presentation and learning methods will work. There are many obstacles to overcome to ensure your students don’t become distracted.

Make sure to remove grammatical errors, distracting visuals and elaborate plots so that your students can stay focused.

  1. Accessibility

Learners should be able to use e-learning unsupervised. Make sure that you look for e-learning production that is clear and focused. Clear navigation is crucial, so discuss the type of navigation you feel is necessary with your e-learning production company.

Only use the essential navigation icons, too many can confuse your audience. As users are self-motivated in e-learning, consider the innovative usability heuristics to engage the audience.

Make your e-learning training stand out

Keep it simple. An e-learning production company is a great partner in your new e-learning creation as they have the experience and tools to create a stunning, simple and clear production, combined with your training objectives you can craft a unique approach. If you want to find out more say hello to the team at VideoTile by calling 0845 838 2809

World of Learning-01_preview

VideoTile will be exhibiting at World Of Learning – We are stand C80

On the 17th and 18th of October, VideoTile will be exhibiting at the World of Learning event. It is held at the NEC, Birmingham. For training providers, the conference and exhibition are essential to attend to discover solutions and innovations. Book your trip to help tmake your training programmes more effective.

To find new interactive video-based e-learning solutions to bolster your training packages, visit our stand, C80 at the World of Learning event this month.

Why visit World of Learning?

The World of Learning event is a must-visit for anyone that is passionate about learning and development. The event is designed to allow businesses to share their experiences and ideas. As well as this, you’ll be able to connect with high-quality service providers who can offer solutions for your learning needs.

Learning and development is a sector that is growing and changing rapidly. Therefore, events like these are essential for keeping up to date with the latest developments in the industry.  As a result, you can ensure that your training offering stays at the forefront, giving you an edge against competitors.

Three benefits of attending the World of Learning 2017

  1. Interactive workshops

Don’t just see new learning techniques, experience them. At World of Learning 2017, there are many interactive workshops to enjoy so you can truly understand how they would work in your training offering. It is these workshops that can help to inspire you to come up with new approaches to learning.

  1. Learn from the greats

Many of the key industry leaders will be present throughout the event giving talks and entering debates and discussions so that you can learn from the best. Leader and thinkers will predict future growth patterns and technology progressions to help you stay one step ahead.

  1. It’s free

Being an event that is free to attend, you get to sample the latest products from the learning and development industry, draw on the knowledge of your peers and network which can, therefore, help you to collaborate with other businesses or potential find new suppliers that are in tune with your business needs.

Visit us at C80

We’ll be on-hand for demonstrations and displays, visit VideoTile’s stand at C80. Discuss your most noteworthy training requirements with us, and we’ll be happy to show how we can tailor our eLearning to suit your training business needs.