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food allergy awareness week

Allergy Awareness Week is an initiative designed to highlight and raise awareness of allergies. Furthermore, it is a chance to show how challenging living with an allergy can be. The awareness week runs from Monday 23rd April until Sunday 29th April 2018. Within this week, many charities and organisations aim to highlight various allergy issues. This week is an excellent chance to promote raising awareness through an allergen awareness training course.

Allergy Awareness Week 2018

For Allergy UK, a leading allergy charity, they will be focussing on the theme of travel for this year’s awareness week. Travel can be extremely challenging for those with allergies. General allergies and food allergies are important to take into consideration both when travelling and in daily life. 44% of the UK population suffer from at least one allergy. Furthermore, 48% of allergy sufferers are affected by more than one allergy. With this in mind, it is vital that people within the service sector have an understanding of allergens and the reactions that sufferers may encounter.

Allergen Awareness training course

To help organisations to have a greater awareness of allergies and the potential threats to those with allergic conditions, an Allergen Awareness online course can help to provide further knowledge. At VideoTile, we offer creative, interactive courses which we fully brand to your requirements. With this, you can then integrate the course seamlessly into your Learning Management System. This means that it is easily available for your clients.

Our Allergen Awareness course overs essential allergy information which can help to control the risk. The course covers the legislation regarding 14 types of allergens. The training also gives an overview of general and food allergies as well as intolerances and the differences between them. With practical measures, organisations can use this training to put steps into action. These can enhance control measures within their organisation.

Allergen awareness free trial

If you would like to add Allergen Awareness to your suite of training materials, then get in touch with VideoTile to arrange your free trial.

national child abuse prevention month

During April 2018, National Child Abuse Prevention Month takes place. It is a month-long campaign to raise awareness. It also aims to encourage people to take an active role in supporting families. Furthermore, adding focus on the wellbeing of children to help prevent child abuse or neglect.

What is National Child Abuse Prevention Month?

The campaign has been running in the United States every April since 1983. Many other countries and associated charities have been keen to adopt the focus such as at NSPCC in the UK. National Child Abuse Prevention Month has such a significance as it can help to put child abuse at the forefront of people’s mind. It encourages people to take action and raise funds.

How can organisations help?

It is difficult to know how many children are affected by child abuse, as abusers hide their actions and children are often too scared to report abuse. In 2016, 58,000 children were identified as victims of abuse. Organisations can help to raise awareness and help those in need through Safeguarding Children training which can help people to understand the procedures in place when acting in a safeguarding role.

What is safeguarding children training?

VideoTile has created an e-learning online training course for training providers to deliver for their clients. The course primarily focuses on the fact that we must all focus on the basic human rights that everyone deserves. When rights such as to be treated well and be healthy and happy are abused, then it is essential for people to realise that it is wrong.

Furthermore, it is essential that people know the guidelines, procedures and policies when put in a safeguarding role. Training can help people take the appropriate measures in challenging situations. Online courses help people to prioritise basic rights and values, and the wellbeing is a vital focus.

Free trial for Safeguarding Children course

If you would like to offer safeguarding training for your clients, VideoTile can help. We offer interactive online safeguarding courses which we fully brand for your needs. See our Safeguarding Children course in action with your free trial.

Online COSHH

E-learning courses are now an essential part of workplace training and home studying. Furthermore, for tech-savvy students the benefits are vast. The ability to purchase and study e-learning courses online is quick, convenient and hassle-free. The e-learning market is predicted to be worth $37.6 billion by 2020. Therefore, it is evident that the trend for e-learning courses online is not slowing down.

Why choose e-learning courses online?

E-learning courses can be seamlessly integrated into your current learning management system, LMS.  Therefore, this takes you from your site to an online course. Utilising the main web trends such as video and interactivity, an online course can be upgraded and updated to suit user needs. Furthermore, the course will never feel dated which can occur quickly in the fast-evolving training market.

What online e-learning courses can I offer?

At VideoTile, we make it easy for training providers.  With us, providers can offer online interactive, video-based content for their students and clients. We can transform your current training course into one that is truly bespoke and instantly engaging.

VideoTile create unique content to add or enhance your current portfolio. We also offer a range of courses that we licence and fully brand to help you meet your clients’ needs with ease.

Some of our high-quality, exciting and stimulating courses that we can licence to your business include;

Search Engine Optimisation for Business – Website ranking is critical for businesses to win clients and drive revenue. With this course, companies can learn the techniques that they can apply. This will help their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy succeed.

Stress Management – For businesses, stress costs around $300 billion every year for missed work and health care. Furthermore, 48% admitting to lying awake at night because of stress. It is, therefore, crucial that businesses do all they can to help minimise stress for a healthy, happy workforce.

E-learning courses online with VideoTile

From health and safety, business skills to emotional intelligence, VideoTile offers a vast range of courses that can all be branded to suit your needs. For your free course sample and to find out more about how we can help you training business thrive, get in touch with our friendly team.