There has been an increased focus on allergen awareness in the last decade. Roughly 2 million people in the UK suffer from food allergies, so businesses must be equipped to handle this safely. Food allergies range from mild symptoms to life-threatening situations, so companies need to clearly state what is in their foods.

Any business that handles, prepares or serves food and drink must be able to provide clear and accurate information. This often requires allergen awareness training to ensure the correct knowledge about allergens in products.


What Is Allergen Awareness Training?

Current regulations state that all packed and non-packed foods must provide information on 14 specified allergens. This includes restaurants, caterers, food manufacturers and more. All of these businesses need to have a process in place to ensure that all staff know how to keep customers safe. This process often includes allergen awareness training for all employees.

Allergen awareness training will provide vital information on the 14 specified allergens as well as best practices for using them safely. If a business fails to comply with allergen regulations, they could be breaking the law and impacting the health and safety of their customers.


Allergen Awareness Training From VideoTile

Here at VideoTile, we offer allergen awareness training for your portfolio. Our online courses can be fully branded to your training business so you can ensure seamless integration. Our allergen awareness course covers food allergies and intolerances, the 14 allergens, and a detailed look at allergy symptoms. When you offer allergen awareness courses to your clients, you can assist them in staying compliant with allergen regulations.

RoSPA and CPD approve our allergen awareness course so you can be sure it is of the highest quality. To find out more about adding allergen awareness courses to your portfolio, contact our team of specialists.