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At VideoTile Learning we are always looking for new distribution partners to share our interactive courses with their market. Our extensive range of courses appeals to many different kinds of distributor and in every instance, we offer:

  • Highly engaging and interactive video content
  • Customisation to suit your brand
  • Approved and accredited content

We want you to choose us as your e-learning partner and this is why we make our approved and accredited courses available through our Distributor Partner Network. We have courses in many different sectors from business skills to health and safety and social care. You can explore our full range of course areas online to get a feel for our offering.

Choose VideoTile as your E-Learning Partner

Our distribution network partners benefit from the whole prowess of our team. Our creative, marketing and technical resources are available to you. You are provided with a full pack of branded marketing materials to use with your courses. We also provide comprehensive sales training and guidance on how to get the most value out of the courses. You will also be provided with support from our dedicated ‘Above the Line’ marketing campaigns for inspiration.

With VideoTile as your e-learning partner we will help you setup the best methods for sharing our courses. Our courses easily integrate into your business and ensure you get the most value from them.

We work with distribution partners in many different sectors of industry. We have partners in dedicated training organisations , health and safety consultancies, HR firms, insurance service providers and many more sectors.

Online training adds more value to your business offering. With VideoTile you also have a fully supported option with plenty of training and advice to ensure you are fully versed in your chosen courses.

You can contact us directly to discuss becoming one of our highly valued partners. You can also give us a call to simply get more information about your options.




We just wanted to remind you that we will be attending the Health and Safety Expo this year. We will be located at stand M60.

We will be there with a small part of our mobile studio and we invite you to visit us, do a short piece to camera or simply observe and chat to some of the team.

Come and see us –

e-learning courses

How E-Learning Courses Can Help Your Business

VideoTile e-learning courses are bespoke products for each of our clients. E-learning is a huge effectively tool for modern business and below we’re looking at three key ways our e-learning courses can help your business.

1.      Better Quality Training

All businesses invest in training to help improve their workforce, ensure they are compliant and to get the most out of them. Many businesses invest significantly in in-house training, workshops and away days, which can become very expensive and doesn’t always do the job. The experience of a whole day spent training can be beneficial but it doesn’t take into account the individual learner styles and where each of your employees may be in their learning. E-learning does. Our e-learning courses allow your employees to take the courses at their own pace and work through until they feel the information is fully digested.

2.      An Effective Engaged Workforce

Once you give employees the power to manage their own learning, most will be proactive. They will also be enthused to make the most of their new skills. Motivation increases and you can always check who is up to what in the training programme and discuss any issues or concerns with individual employees. E-learning provides business owners and management with huge amounts of data about their employees. It is possible to recognise who has the ambition to move forward and add value to the company.

3.      Capital Saving

As mentioned, many businesses spend a lot of money on regular away days and training seminars. While we’re not suggesting e-learning is a cheaper option, it does offer better value. You will be making a significant investment into your training through an e-learning provider and distribution company.  Even better, once it’s done, it’s yours. Updates and refreshers may be necessary but essential the content is yours to use to train as many people as you need. This is without the requirement to organise training day after training day.