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interactive video

Training staff is essential. However, to make training successful, it needs to be compelling. Often people can consider training to be dull which means that its learners will not realise the full benefits. If learners are not engaged, then they will not take in the vital information and will waste the cost of training. Fortunately, there are ways to eliminate learners switching off. One of the best ways to keep training compelling is through interactive video.

What is interactive video?

Interactive video is essentially a digital video that requires interaction with the viewer. The interaction could include responses, touch on screen, clicks and gestures. The video will often need viewer interaction in order to proceed and continue with the video. Depending on the nature of the video it could take on an experience like a game, tutorial, form or a question and answer session.

Three benefits of interactive video

  1. Personalisation

As interactive videos need an element of decision-making from the viewer. With this in mind, the videos can be made wholly personable. Learning then becomes user-centred which can enhance the learning experience and allows you to tailor the training to the learner ability. Consequently, this may allow a change of pace or what the learner views.

  1. Flexibility

For any training experience, you tailor the interactive videos to suit the learner’s needs. This means that simulations can be relevant, e.g. set in a particular workplace with branding. Furthermore, you can use it as a sole e-learning video experience or as an accompaniment to traditional classroom-based learning.

  1. Engaging and compelling

Interactive video can make learning completely immersive. This means that learners connect with the training, its scenarios and stories. Characters can adapt to the learner’s experience, particularly in work situations. Throughout the learner journey, interactive elements can help to bring training alive and make it memorable.

Interactive video creation with VideoTile

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Online Training

Distance learning, e-learning and computer-based training can all describe online training. For busy workplaces and efficient businesses, online training is an essential tool. It is generally cheaper than classroom-based training and is incredibly engaging and effective. Thanks to its multimedia approach with various audio and visual elements, online training is now an essential form of training and one that your organisation should provide.

There are many reasons for training providers to offer online training, here are just some of the main advantages.

Three benefits of offering online training

  1. Increased course take-up

With demands of work pressures and home life, people rarely have the time to attend a classroom-based course. Distance learning can be done at convenience by the learner at a time to suit them at home or work. This flexibility of web-based training could see a higher course take-up. Without the cost of travel and expenses for courses, there may be more money in the training budget. Consequently, this means that companies may offer more of their employees a training opportunity.

  1. It’s the norm

According to the World Economic Forum, 78% of young people worldwide have taken an online course. People now seek out online training and a preferred method of choice. By offering online training, you meet the needs of your clients. Not only this, the market is still growing. Furthermore, offer e-learning, and you tap into a growing demand. In fact, studies show the market will continue to grow at 5% exceeding an expected $240 billion.

  1. Relevancy

Finally, online courses can be quickly updated to ensure accuracy. With increased accuracy, your courses will have better feedback from customers. Learners will not engage with material that is incorrect or dated. To improve training retention, which increases learner satisfaction as well as organisation success, you need to make sure your information is exceptional. As a result, thanks to the ease of adapting e-learning, you ensure your courses are the best they can possibly be.

Developing your online training

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web presenters

As a fantastic addition to your web page, web presenters are a must. Primarily, a web presenter can engage your audience with a range of subjects that is most useful to your business. As a visitor views your webpage, a person will enter the screen, usually walking on from the side of the screen and begins a web presentation.

The web presenter can present whatever is most relevant and helpful to the users. They are often used to provide further details about the company and explain what your business does. They can also help to show areas on the website to visit or help to point out things that the user may not have noticed.

Whatever your reasons you’re choosing to use a web presenter for, there are plenty of benefits and rewards for doing so.

Three benefits of using web presenters

  1. Engaging

Did you know that 55% of viewers will spend less than 15 seconds on your website? That is a very short space of time to capture attention, engaging viewers and ultimately convert viewers into customers. One of the most engaging methods of content is video. So, by using a web presenter, you’re instantly giving users a content type that can captivate.

  1. Personality

Sometimes, it really is easier to judge a book by its cover. By using a web presenter, you have a visual representation of your company. The web presenter can have the brand image you desire. The presenter can also be a model of your target audience. Furthermore, the web presenter will also have the right tone and style of talking to give your website your distinct personality.

  1. ROI

Video marketing is one of the best content types for the return on investment. What’s more web presenters begin automatically, so you can make sure that your video marketing strategy reaches a wider audience.  For example, did you know that having a video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%? Make sure you utilise a web presenter on your landing page so that you can see impressive results too.

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