Personal protective equipment or PPE has become a much more commonly heard phrase than it used to be. Face masks and respirators became necessary in many workplaces during the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, specialist training in personal protective equipment is more widely needed than previously. Our Personal Protective Equipment Online Course provides your training business with instant access to an accredited course for your customers. Let’s look at what the course offers in more depth.

Personal Protective Equipment Online Course

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a vital part of any organisation’s risk assessment and protection against health and safety risks. Workers must be provided with the right equipment for employers to be compliant with health and safety legislation.

Our Personal Protective Equipment Online Course shows how important wearing PPE is for preventing and reducing accidents, illnesses and even fatalities. Our Personal Protective Equipment course includes details of a wide range of PPE options, examines the legislation and regulations that govern the responsibilities of employers, employees and suppliers, and provides a real-life case study showing the law in action.

The course also looks at risk assessment and PPE must form part of this. It also provides guidance on fitting and wearing PPE through video content.

Who is the audience for this course?

While PPE has become much more commonplace, this course is mainly suited to customers in industries where it needs to be worn daily for regular workplace tasks. This includes industries such as construction, factory work, logistics, mechanics and healthcare. The course should provide learners with the full explanation of why they should use PPE and its importance for their safety.

Course specification

The course is just 60 minutes long and is accessible online through our LMS or can be fed through your chosen setup using our API. The course modules are:

  • Introduction to PPE
  • PPE
  • Risk assessment, selection and use
  • Types of PPE
  • Maintenance and replacement

It is a great course to offer in your range and also matches well with many other courses in our collection such as Working Safely, Working at Height, Asbestos Awareness and Infection Control.

Choosing your Suite of Courses with VideoTile

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