If you’re eager to enhance your training company’s portfolio, consider the effective option of incorporating branded e-learning courses. VideoTile offers a lucrative opportunity for you to become a distributor and gain access to a comprehensive suite of high-quality online courses tailored to complement your business. Opting to buy e-learning courses from our catalogue has many benefits for your business, fully explored below:

1. Online Shop Feature for Buying E-Learning Courses

Discover the simplicity of setting up an online shop on your website to effectively showcase and sell your branded e-learning courses. Our Online Shop Feature gives you all the essentials, from imagery to compelling content, promotional videos, free trial options, straightforward buy now functionality, and user-friendly login features.

We prioritise simplicity, ensuring your customers effortlessly buy e-learning courses from your platform, utilising our high-quality video stock.

2. Learning Management System (LMS) for Efficient Course Management

It is simple to both manage and track training and e-learning content and progress through VideoTile’s Learning Management System (LMS). Quick access to user accounts and seamless integration with VideoTile’s LMS via our in-house API make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their e-learning programmes.


3. Sales Features making it easy to Buy E-Learning Courses

As a VideoTile distributor, you gain access to a range of promotional materials to bolster your chosen courses. We include a comprehensive sales package, including a persuasive sales presentation, targeted email campaigns, attention-grabbing flyers, promotional web videos, and other assets that integrate with your existing marketing efforts. We also provide training materials so you can promote and sell your e-learning courses.

4. Specialised in Branded E-Learning Courses

We specialise in white labelling, allowing your business’s branding to take centre stage. Our video courses are not only easy to sell but also cater to a diverse range of customers across various business sectors. Whether you serve specialist training companies requiring specific courses or larger providers offering more general employment-based training, you will find what you need in our range.

5. Customer Service Team for Ongoing Support

Each client can access the expertise of a dedicated customer services advisor—an extension of your technical and marketing departments. This ensures a central point of contact within our team to address any queries or challenges you may encounter.

Buy E-Learning Courses Today

If the prospect of offering branded e-learning courses intrigues you, make VideoTile your trusted partner. Our distributor package provides you with a suite of branded online courses aligned with your business requirements. Get in touch out today to discuss becoming a VideoTile distributor.

Image source: Unsplash