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E-Learning is progressing rapidly. It is taking training by storm for both training providers and businesses. We are beginning to see advanced e-learning training programmes that use videos and games to make the training more interactive and engaging. To give your training an edge, you need interaction. Here are our top tips on how to create the best interactive video-based e-learning courses.

Five tips to developing brilliant interactive video-based e-learning courses

  1. Timing

Timing is essential for creating great interaction during an e-learning course. Don’t simply add elements for the sake of using technology. Make sure that each component works well with the learner journey. Remember, if it doesn’t enhance the experience, it shouldn’t be included in the video. Sometimes, less is more.

  1. Consistent hot spots

You want to make sure your learners stay engaged throughout the training course, therefore it is important to make the process easy to follow. With a consistent user interface, the student knows what to look for to proceed to the next part of the training. However you let users control their e-learning, keep it consistent and fluid to maintain their interest.

  1. Compatibility

Not all learners will have access to the same equipment. Therefore, this means it is important that your training is ready to use on many devices. When creating your videos, make sure it is available for multi-device use. Considering almost half of videos are watched through a mobile application, it may be time to gear your training offering to mobile devices.

  1. Be relevant

Whatever sector or industry you offer training in, it is important that your videos include realistic scenarios that will relate to your learners. Likely or believable situations can help to make the training more powerful and easier to remember and engage with.

  1. Consider motivation

What will your training offer to keep people interacting? Don’t just consider your training goals. Discover how you will make learners progress through the training and comply with the objectives. Positive feedback, game mentality or storytelling can help people to remain focused throughout the training.

Choose an e-learning developer

To help make your interactive video-based e-learning courses successful and engaging, why not enlist the help of VideoTile? VideoTile are an e-learning production company who can turn your training objective into compelling, thought-provoking training material. Our courses can engage learners and provide successful learning outcomes. Find out more by emailing sales@videotile.co.uk.

Why Choose An E-Learning Video Production Company For Your Training

For training providers, the current climate suggests a need for change. For many businesses, classroom courses can be difficult to organise and take precious time away from productive work time and studying outside of the workplace can be expensive regarding travel and accommodation. With this in mind, it is no surprise that more and more companies are looking at e-learning as a way to train their workforce and choosing an e-learning video production company to help create them.

E-learning can be a cost-effective and simple solution that provides your workforce with the necessary training and skills that they require without having to leave their desks. However, to make sure your training is as effective as your training courses, the content needs to be relevant, engaging and thought-provoking.  For training providers, hiring an e-learning video production company can often be a better method than purchasing off-the-shelf products.

Not convinced? Here are three great reasons why you should choose an e-learning video production company to produce your next training video.

  1. Unique

No two businesses are the same. Your training needs to stand out. By developing a course bespoke to your business, you can make sure that the course fits your training needs analysis and can fill any gaps in knowledge. Your course can also be adapted to include examples and situations that are relevant to your clients and customers.

  1. Start small

The great thing about developing your own suite of training materials with an e-learning video production company is that you can start small, with only a handful of modules. Once complete, you can then rate its effectiveness and enjoyment from feedback. From there you know all the right elements to add in as you progress and aspects to take out, if necessary to create a successful e-learning package.

  1. User availability

By developing your own course with an e-learning development company, you don’t have to worry about buying licences and the number of users who will need to complete the course. We know that training sessions can fluctuate in numbers and so can e-learning participants. By having a course that you can distribute easily, you fulfil the training requirements of all employees as directed by your client.

Find out more

If you’re looking for a course that increases user engagement, then get in touch with the team at Video Tile by emailing sales@videotile.co.uk.

video e-learning

No two learners are the same and one way to cater to this is to create and offer training courses which allow for learners to take their time. Video e-learning and courses which incorporate video are particularly effective with many different learner types. Video has significant benefits over other methods and here are just some of the key reasons that video is the best possible e-learning tool.

1.      Visual Learning Works

Research has time and again proven that images are more engaging than just text alone. Visual images are much easier to recall than text too so if learners need to go back to their training in their everyday work, it is much easier if they have an image or video to draw on.

2.      Video allows for Storytelling

Everyone has sat through slide after slide of unengaging PowerPoint presentations. The information is there, the bulleted lists offer up all you need to know. However, the ability to retain this kind of information is difficult. The brain simply doesn’t react well to this style of information. It wants to be told a story and video is fantastic for storytelling. Storytelling makes learning accessible and it is easy through quality video.

3.      Video is Always Accessible

With a fully recorded and accessible video e-learning course, you don’t need to be there when your learners are doing their training. Live training courses can be great but you can’t stop, pause or repeat them. Similarly, you can’t just watch again if you’re not sure of something. This is where video really comes out on top, it’s always accessible and easy to stop and start.

4.      Video provides Consistency

However good a training company may be, they are only as good as their trainers. Some will inevitably be better than others. Consistency is much harder to achieve in person-to-person training than it is in video. Video means everyone can be trained using the same materials and content and the quality of the content never changes.

Online video training is one of the most effective and consistent ways of providing course materials to companies in many areas.