VideoTile Learning is an industry-leading online video and e-learning production company. Within the vast range of courses are a suite of Emotional Intelligence Online Courses. All the courses are interactive, video-based e-learning courses for training professionals.

You can license a course from our extensive range, or we can construct a completely bespoke course from your existing content.  The choice is yours but we offer both solutions so you can choose the one that suits your company best.

About the Emotional Intelligence Online Courses

The suite includes courses that apply to a variety of businesses and people so you can tailor your training to your needs.

Developing Teamwork is aimed at building stronger relationships within your team. The course explains in detail what team working is.  It also covers some of the principles for putting together a team. Additionally, the course covers conflict within teams.  In this section, the course explains some of the reasons conflict occurs and strategies for managing it. The final section reviews some of the different styles of management behaviour and so you can develop a resilient team.

This online Introduction to Emotional Intelligence E-Learning course is aimed at supervisors and managers.  The purpose is to develop more effective relationships with members of their teams. The course can be a great starting point for people new to their leadership role.  They are also perfect for more established managers that want to enhance their skills. This acts as a great introduction to the subject and covers the key concepts and theories relating to emotional intelligence.

There are other options within the Emotional Intelligence Online Courses.  These include Handling Difficult People and Developing Resilience and Managing Stress. All of them are designed with members of staff and management in mind so you can find the right course for the level being trained.

Courses currently start from just £35 per head so you can be assured of an affordable solution to delivering your training.

VideoTile Services

We offer various services including the below.

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