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At VideoTile, we create compelling training that engages learners and meets essential training objectives. Our focus is on bespoke training. We brand and tailor training to the needs of our customers. Our clients are training professionals. VideoTile builds bespoke training programmes and licenses them so that your business can meet the needs of your clients with stunning, high-quality training material. Servicing your needs and your clients, are you ready to become a valued distribution partner?

Benefit from our distribution partner network

With highly-effective and engaging training content, our courses appeal to people in a variety of industries. Using innovative, training techniques such as web presenters, interactive videos and online training. Consequently, we ensure that we have high-quality training that appeals to our valued distributors.

To us, our distribution network are our e-learning partners. We work together to ensure that you get the most out of each training programme. As well as this, we make sure that your business is fully supported so that you can see the value of choosing us.

We provide many benefits to our distribution partners including;

  1. Sales training

We offer the guidance to help you to sell courses and receive the most value from each course you choose to adopt. Looking at the industry trends, we recommend where to best position the product so that your business can benefit.

  1. Branded marketing materials

Not only do you receive high-quality creative courses, but we will also supply marketing and technical resources to support your business and drive your sales.

  1. Support

To help you to achieve the best value, we will help with the set-up of courses and help to provide you with the best way to share the course. We will also support you with our marketing resources and campaigns to use as inspiration for your business.

Want to know more?

If you want to be part of our distribution network and see the rewards it can bring your business, then get in touch with the team at VideoTile by calling 0845 838 2809.

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Did you know that the second most popular new year resolution for 2017 was to make life and self-improvements? Also, the eighth most popular resolution was to learn something new. With this in mind, e-learning can be an excellent way to help people to achieve their resolutions and learn a new skill. At VideoTile, we can help you to start 2018 by learning a new skill using e-learning.

For improving soft skills or technical skills, digital learning is a brilliant method of learning. Many employers look to their employees to acquire new skills to give their workplace an advantage. While classroom study used to be the go-to approach, e-learning has quickly shown that there is a much better way to learn.

The benefits of e-learning for employers

Generally speaking, e-learning is a cheaper alternative to classroom courses. As you are not paying for a trainer’s time and expenses, costs can be less. Furthermore, e-learning can be done remotely or at your premises. Therefore, you do not have to consider paying for employee travel costs and expenses. These added costs to traditional training can quickly add up. This can make studying a new skill expensive and can limit your training budget to just a select few individuals.

The benefits of learning a new skill using e-learning for students

E-learning is a convenient and practical way to study as it fits in with your work and lifestyle. By learning a new skill through e-learning, you show commitment to self-improvement. Furthermore, with skills acquired in a timely manner, you show your adaptability. With an increase in skills, which you can conveniently gather through e-learning training courses, you open the door to many more career opportunities and the chance to fill higher-level positions.

For professionals, using e-learning to add to their skills range will hopefully lead to career gains and business success.

Improve your skills

If you would like to find out more about creating e-learning packages for new skills, get in touch with VideoTile for their advice and expertise.



For students of all ages, and learners in any industry, e-learning provides many benefits. For speed, efficiency, practicality and cost, it is easy to see why e-learning could be useful for your business. Implementing an online training programme and digital learning management system may seem like a costly and time-expensive process, but it could certainly save in the long run and make training for the future easier.

To discover more benefits of online learning and how it can help your business, read on for the advantages of e-learning.

Three benefits of e-learning

  1. Cost-effective

The cost of classroom or face to face training combined with travel costs and expenses can be prohibitive for businesses. Training outside of the workplace or home is time-consuming and means that your business loses valuable productive time. With e-learning, employees can learn at their convenience. What’s more, digital learning ensures there are no travel expenses or cost of a trainer to pay.

  1. Flexibility

Many learners miss out on training due to a work or home emergency. With e-learning, the course is ready and waiting for the learner to take at their convenience. Online training can be paused and resumed whenever needed. Furthermore, you can train individual over a period of time and do not have to work out the logistics of gathering the whole workforce together.

  1. High retention rate

E-learning is engaging. Online learning can be particularly compelling if it utilises interactive user-driven elements. With this, learners can enjoy a higher knowledge retention rate. Consequently, with a higher retention rate, your business can enjoy the benefits of training which will reinforce an improved workplace culture.  Furthermore, online training also makes refresher course more accessible and cheaper too.

Craft compelling e-learning with VideoTile

If you are looking to add digital elements to your training programme, speak to the team at VideoTile. At VideoTile, we craft engaging video and digital content for your training needs. Tell us our requirements today.