The rise of e-learning allows businesses to benefit from a wider range of training opportunities. Businesses now have access to flexible and effective training solutions that can help drive success. Let’s explore what e-learning is and how it can benefit your business.

Understanding E-Learning: A Digital Approach to Training

E-learning, also known as electronic learning, is the delivery of educational or training content through digital platforms and technologies. Unlike traditional classroom-based training, e-learning lets learners to access courses and materials online. Some courses are time restricted, but many allow learners to access course materials anytime and anywhere. E-learning relies upon different forms of content including videos and quizzes to enhance the learning experience.

How Can E-Learning Help Your Business?

There are many ways your business can benefit from e-learning including:

Flexibility and Convenience

E-learning offers flexibility and convenience that traditional training methods often lack. With Videotile’s e-learning platform, individuals can access courses and training materials directly. They can learn from homes, during their commute, or in the workplace, dependent on their individual needs. This flexibility ensures that learning can fit into their busy schedules without disrupting productivity.


The traditional approach to training can become very expensive, with transport and travel costs, sometimes accommodation too. E-learning eliminates these costs, providing a cost-effective training solution for businesses. Videotile offers a wide range of e-learning courses that can be accessed online. Furthermore, as e-learning courses can be easily updated, there is no need to reprint or redistribute materials, resulting in long-term cost savings. We regularly update our catalogue to ensure it reflects the latest developments in any of our subject areas.

Huge course range

VideoTile has an extensive course catalogue covering a wide range of different subject areas. Our catalogue covers everything from business skills to health and social care. The full range ensures we can partner with training providers who want to expand their offering of courses.

Interactive learning

VideoTile e-learning courses have a core focus on engagement and interactivity. We use videos, animations, quizzes and other interactive features to engage with learners and help them to digest even complex information more easily.

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