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Looking for an e-learning training course?

Without a doubt, e-learning training is here to stay. As part of your training offering, e-learning should be part of your solution whether used as a blended method or complete solution. In the last two decades, there has been a rise of 900% in corporate e-learning. Another benefit for training companies and their customers is that while there has been a rise in demand, training costs have been cut by around 70%. With this is in mind, it is time to start looking for an e-learning training course for your business.

What to look for in an e-learning training course

  1. Immersive

If your training offering has primarily focuses on face to face training, then you may be sceptical about how e-learning can be as engaging. Using tools such as video-based e-learning or interactive environments can really help to create an immersive training environment. Whether your training is to encourage behaviour, teach a practical action or to simulate a practice environment.

  1. Content effectiveness

With the range of graphics, videos, podcasts and other innovative elements you can add, you may lose sight of what the training is all about. Content creation must be mastered as this is the backbone of how the structure, presentation and learning methods will work. There are many obstacles to overcome to ensure your students don’t become distracted.

Make sure to remove grammatical errors, distracting visuals and elaborate plots so that your students can stay focused.

  1. Accessibility

Learners should be able to use e-learning unsupervised. Make sure that you look for e-learning production that is clear and focused. Clear navigation is crucial, so discuss the type of navigation you feel is necessary with your e-learning production company.

Only use the essential navigation icons, too many can confuse your audience. As users are self-motivated in e-learning, consider the innovative usability heuristics to engage the audience.

Make your e-learning training stand out

Keep it simple. An e-learning production company is a great partner in your new e-learning creation as they have the experience and tools to create a stunning, simple and clear production, combined with your training objectives you can craft a unique approach. If you want to find out more say hello to the team at VideoTile by calling 0845 838 2809

Interactive Video-Based E-Learning Courses

E-Learning is progressing rapidly. It is taking training by storm for both training providers and businesses. We are beginning to see advanced e-learning training programmes that use videos and games to make the training more interactive and engaging. To give your training an edge, you need interaction. Here are our top tips on how to create the best interactive video-based e-learning courses.

Five tips to developing brilliant interactive video-based e-learning courses

  1. Timing

Timing is essential for creating great interaction during an e-learning course. Don’t simply add elements for the sake of using technology. Make sure that each component works well with the learner journey. Remember, if it doesn’t enhance the experience, it shouldn’t be included in the video. Sometimes, less is more.

  1. Consistent hot spots

You want to make sure your learners stay engaged throughout the training course, therefore it is important to make the process easy to follow. With a consistent user interface, the student knows what to look for to proceed to the next part of the training. However you let users control their e-learning, keep it consistent and fluid to maintain their interest.

  1. Compatibility

Not all learners will have access to the same equipment. Therefore, this means it is important that your training is ready to use on many devices. When creating your videos, make sure it is available for multi-device use. Considering almost half of videos are watched through a mobile application, it may be time to gear your training offering to mobile devices.

  1. Be relevant

Whatever sector or industry you offer training in, it is important that your videos include realistic scenarios that will relate to your learners. Likely or believable situations can help to make the training more powerful and easier to remember and engage with.

  1. Consider motivation

What will your training offer to keep people interacting? Don’t just consider your training goals. Discover how you will make learners progress through the training and comply with the objectives. Positive feedback, game mentality or storytelling can help people to remain focused throughout the training.

Choose an e-learning developer

To help make your interactive video-based e-learning courses successful and engaging, why not enlist the help of VideoTile? VideoTile are an e-learning production company who can turn your training objective into compelling, thought-provoking training material. Our courses can engage learners and provide successful learning outcomes. Find out more by emailing sales@videotile.co.uk.

e-learning development company

Searching for an e-learning development company that’s right for you? As an effective, engaging and low maintenance training tool, that’s also budget-friendly, e-learning training is a no-brainer. Fortunately, e-learning is not just for large training corporations with in-house capabilities. Thanks to e-learning development companies, small enterprises that offer bespoke training can get in on the action too.

So, how can you make your e-learning a success?

Three steps to finding the right e-learning development company for you


  1. Research your business


To find the right company to outsource your e-learning production you need to know what you want from the training. That means researching your requirements before you consider researching e-learning development companies. Through training needs analysis you can have a clearer idea of what you need.

It is worth considering the technology and capabilities you have too, so you can find an e-learning developer that works with your needs. Keeping training compatible with your current systems reduces the cost involved. A great budget-friendly choice!

  1. Research e-learning production companies


Now you know what your business needs, it’s time to find an e-learning development company that can bring your ideas to life. Depending on your training program, you need an e-learning company that can work synonymously with your business needs. Whether you offer blended learning or just e-courses, you need a team that can craft training that gives the most benefit to the students.

  1. Develop successful training together


Having the right connection is essential for a working relationship. You need to work with a company that shares your values and understands your brand. Naturally, the common goal should be quality learning experiences and from there, having aligned core values can help to create the most effective training programme.

When the goal isn’t the same for both parties, miscommunication and errors can occur, therefore, make sure you’re on the same wavelength before you begin any development project.

Get in touch

If you’re looking for an e-learning development company to work with your business, get in touch with the team at VideoTile and find out how we can you to achieve your training objectives.