The coming year should be an opportunity for growth and a chance to expand your learning opportunities.

E-learning allows anyone to access any kind of education as and when they need it and in the coming year there are a wide range of new ways companies will be using data, the latest online technologies and innovative learning methods to enrich your learning experience. Here we’re looking at just three learning trends for 2017.

1.   Even more Two-Way e-Learning Communication

E-learning once had a reputation for being out of date, formal and fixed, with a product-like focus rather than an interactive design. This is changing for the better, with real time capturing of learner feedback and the chance to build upon user feedback within courses and the chance to immediately offer solutions for any learner issues.

e-Learning providers have to embrace the immediacy that social media has brought and being able to tap into this system of environment with students and tutors, provides many opportunities for growth and improved learner satisfaction.

2.   Clever use of Data

Smartly using the small level data which all e-learning providers have access to allows e-learning design to evolve and develop. Analytical data taken from training systems and learner profiles can be used to further tailor and personalise content delivery. With the right data, it is easy to ensure learners have instant access to the most suitable pages for their needs.

3.   It’s all About Video

Nothing has been trending in the e-learning sector as much as video. It is simply soaring and it is what both trainers and learners want. Cisco forecast that 80% of global internet traffic will be video by 2019. The love for and appreciation of video makes it a prime learning tool and it is possible to create interactive video with ease, further enhancing learner experience. Whole courses can easily be delivered by video or it can be used to supplement other learning methods.

There are many new ways e-learning will move to the next level online in the coming year and training providers simply need to be primed to move with it.