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Start 2018 learning a new skill using e-learning-01

Did you know that e-learning has grown an incredible 900% from 2001? It shows no sign of slowing down either. More and more employers realise the potential of e-learning in the workplace. In fact, future predictions suggest e-learning will continue to grow and improve and dominate the learning industry. Are you looking for e-learning courses for 2018?

As 2018 progresses, we can see the increase in the potential for e-learning. It is likely that businesses will utilise more gamification for memorable learning. Another trend is that there may be an increase in the adoption of augmented reality to create more realistic environments. However, focusing on what businesses need now is affordable and effective e-learning. With this in mind, we have a range of e-learning courses for 2018.

What are the e-learning courses for 2018?

At VideoTile, we specialise in creating state of the art, interactive video e-learning for your brand. We tailor every course to suit your business need and is branded to fit your business. From workplace situations to simply including your brand colours and logos, everything is taken care of so that you have personalised e-learning courses.

We understand that starting an e-learning course from scratch is difficult for the popular courses, so we have built a range of e-learning courses for 2018 which we can brand for you so that you can deliver the course as your own.

Some of the courses we provide include;

First aid – Emergency first aid is a critical skill for any workplace. An accident can happen anywhere. Learning what the best course of action is for a serious situation can help to save lives.

Manual handling – Another course that is useful in every workplace is manual handling. Manual handling if not done correctly, can cause serious injuries and lead to time off work. Train your employees on correct handling techniques with us.

Explore our courses

If you want to find out more about the courses we are offering for 2018, visit our course page to see the range available. If you have something different in mind, then get in touch, and we can create bespoke interactive video e-learning courses for you.

skill using e-learning

Did you know that the second most popular new year resolution for 2017 was to make life and self-improvements? Also, the eighth most popular resolution was to learn something new. With this in mind, e-learning can be an excellent way to help people to achieve their resolutions and learn a new skill. At VideoTile, we can help you to start 2018 by learning a new skill using e-learning.

For improving soft skills or technical skills, digital learning is a brilliant method of learning. Many employers look to their employees to acquire new skills to give their workplace an advantage. While classroom study used to be the go-to approach, e-learning has quickly shown that there is a much better way to learn.

The benefits of e-learning for employers

Generally speaking, e-learning is a cheaper alternative to classroom courses. As you are not paying for a trainer’s time and expenses, costs can be less. Furthermore, e-learning can be done remotely or at your premises. Therefore, you do not have to consider paying for employee travel costs and expenses. These added costs to traditional training can quickly add up. This can make studying a new skill expensive and can limit your training budget to just a select few individuals.

The benefits of learning a new skill using e-learning for students

E-learning is a convenient and practical way to study as it fits in with your work and lifestyle. By learning a new skill through e-learning, you show commitment to self-improvement. Furthermore, with skills acquired in a timely manner, you show your adaptability. With an increase in skills, which you can conveniently gather through e-learning training courses, you open the door to many more career opportunities and the chance to fill higher-level positions.

For professionals, using e-learning to add to their skills range will hopefully lead to career gains and business success.

Improve your skills

If you would like to find out more about creating e-learning packages for new skills, get in touch with VideoTile for their advice and expertise.


Online Training

Distance learning, e-learning and computer-based training can all describe online training. For busy workplaces and efficient businesses, online training is an essential tool. It is generally cheaper than classroom-based training and is incredibly engaging and effective. Thanks to its multimedia approach with various audio and visual elements, online training is now an essential form of training and one that your organisation should provide.

There are many reasons for training providers to offer online training, here are just some of the main advantages.

Three benefits of offering online training

  1. Increased course take-up

With demands of work pressures and home life, people rarely have the time to attend a classroom-based course. Distance learning can be done at convenience by the learner at a time to suit them at home or work. This flexibility of web-based training could see a higher course take-up. Without the cost of travel and expenses for courses, there may be more money in the training budget. Consequently, this means that companies may offer more of their employees a training opportunity.

  1. It’s the norm

According to the World Economic Forum, 78% of young people worldwide have taken an online course. People now seek out online training and a preferred method of choice. By offering online training, you meet the needs of your clients. Not only this, the market is still growing. Furthermore, offer e-learning, and you tap into a growing demand. In fact, studies show the market will continue to grow at 5% exceeding an expected $240 billion.

  1. Relevancy

Finally, online courses can be quickly updated to ensure accuracy. With increased accuracy, your courses will have better feedback from customers. Learners will not engage with material that is incorrect or dated. To improve training retention, which increases learner satisfaction as well as organisation success, you need to make sure your information is exceptional. As a result, thanks to the ease of adapting e-learning, you ensure your courses are the best they can possibly be.

Developing your online training

At VideoTile, we are here to help you create compelling and engaging content. Working with you, we can ensure your training hits the mark with learners and retains your brand message. If you want to develop web-based training, get in touch and find out how we can help.