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Start 2018 learning a new skill using e-learning-01

Did you know that e-learning has grown an incredible 900% from 2001? It shows no sign of slowing down either. More and more employers realise the potential of e-learning in the workplace. In fact, future predictions suggest e-learning will continue to grow and improve and dominate the learning industry. Are you looking for e-learning courses for 2018?

As 2018 progresses, we can see the increase in the potential for e-learning. It is likely that businesses will utilise more gamification for memorable learning. Another trend is that there may be an increase in the adoption of augmented reality to create more realistic environments. However, focusing on what businesses need now is affordable and effective e-learning. With this in mind, we have a range of e-learning courses for 2018.

What are the e-learning courses for 2018?

At VideoTile, we specialise in creating state of the art, interactive video e-learning for your brand. We tailor every course to suit your business need and is branded to fit your business. From workplace situations to simply including your brand colours and logos, everything is taken care of so that you have personalised e-learning courses.

We understand that starting an e-learning course from scratch is difficult for the popular courses, so we have built a range of e-learning courses for 2018 which we can brand for you so that you can deliver the course as your own.

Some of the courses we provide include;

First aid – Emergency first aid is a critical skill for any workplace. An accident can happen anywhere. Learning what the best course of action is for a serious situation can help to save lives.

Manual handling – Another course that is useful in every workplace is manual handling. Manual handling if not done correctly, can cause serious injuries and lead to time off work. Train your employees on correct handling techniques with us.

Explore our courses

If you want to find out more about the courses we are offering for 2018, visit our course page to see the range available. If you have something different in mind, then get in touch, and we can create bespoke interactive video e-learning courses for you.

interactive video

Training staff is essential. However, to make training successful, it needs to be compelling. Often people can consider training to be dull which means that its learners will not realise the full benefits. If learners are not engaged, then they will not take in the vital information and will waste the cost of training. Fortunately, there are ways to eliminate learners switching off. One of the best ways to keep training compelling is through interactive video.

What is interactive video?

Interactive video is essentially a digital video that requires interaction with the viewer. The interaction could include responses, touch on screen, clicks and gestures. The video will often need viewer interaction in order to proceed and continue with the video. Depending on the nature of the video it could take on an experience like a game, tutorial, form or a question and answer session.

Three benefits of interactive video

  1. Personalisation

As interactive videos need an element of decision-making from the viewer. With this in mind, the videos can be made wholly personable. Learning then becomes user-centred which can enhance the learning experience and allows you to tailor the training to the learner ability. Consequently, this may allow a change of pace or what the learner views.

  1. Flexibility

For any training experience, you tailor the interactive videos to suit the learner’s needs. This means that simulations can be relevant, e.g. set in a particular workplace with branding. Furthermore, you can use it as a sole e-learning video experience or as an accompaniment to traditional classroom-based learning.

  1. Engaging and compelling

Interactive video can make learning completely immersive. This means that learners connect with the training, its scenarios and stories. Characters can adapt to the learner’s experience, particularly in work situations. Throughout the learner journey, interactive elements can help to bring training alive and make it memorable.

Interactive video creation with VideoTile

Want to see the benefits of interactive video in your training programmes? Then get in touch with the team at VideoTile today. For creative training ideas, we can help with superior video creation.