Gamification in eLearning has many benefits. It helps make your content more interactive and can help to keep learners engaged and digest information more effectively. Our VideoTile video courses have interactivity and engagement at their heart and you will find many gamified elements to our courses. Let’s explore the top benefits of gamification in learning below.

1.     Make Learning Less Intimidating

Many people think learning and education ends with school, but in many work environments training courses and professional learning is vital. Some people find the learning experience intimidating and difficult and are automatically put off by the idea of having to get involved in training sessions. Gamification makes learning less intimidating and less of a formal, daunting experience. Integrating gaming elements minimises the risk of people disengaging or stopping the course altogether due to its difficulty. Professional training courses developers and creators like ourselves specialise in making difficult topics accessible and enjoyable.

2.     Make Learning Move Fun

90% of employees agreed that gamification makes them more productive at work and gamification in the training process keeps them engaged and interested in the subject matter. Effective training is hard to achieve when learners are not enjoying the experience, so gamified elements help to add fun and enjoyment to the process. Even topics that may not seem interesting or engaging can be brought to life with the right gaming and interactive elements.

3.     Boost Motivation

Gamification in eLearning can incorporate many features including badges, leader boards and awards for succeeding in the training programme. This can motivate learners to keep working and work harder.

4.     Improve User Experience

The training and education sector is quite saturated, with many companies offering a similar provision of learning materials and training courses to business clients. If you want your training business to stand out from the crowd then you need to offer something special. User experience is at the heart of almost all customer-facing products and services. Gamification leads to more satisfied users and better results, keeping both your customers and the employees they’re training happy.

5.     Faster, More Effective Learning

Interactive training courses keep learners engaged. Therefore, they learn more quickly and they digest the information more effectively. Incorporating games such as puzzles helps learners engage with the information in a different way, making it more likely to stick. Gamification helps to simplify learning and make it easier and faster for first-time learners.

Interactivity and Gamification in eLearning

We specialise in creating high-quality video eLearning materials for training providers and education businesses. We can help make your training courses more enjoyable, accessible and fun.


Image source: Pexels