At VideoTile, we know that people like to learn in different ways. What works for some students may not work for others. We believe that online learning is a fantastic and accessible way for people to learn and receive training. However, we make sure to offer a variety of different learning techniques to make our VideoTile Learning accessible to as many people as possible. So, just what is involved in VideoTile Learning?

What does VideoTile learning include?


Having web presenters helps to make the content more interactive and engaging. By having a person on screen explaining the key concepts, it keeps the content interesting and personable. Web presenters come with their own personalities which can help to connect and resonate with the audience. This can lead to a long-lasting positive impression and ‘friendly’ approach to training, especially when topics can be daunting.


With all training, the best way to test understanding and to ensure training was a success is through testing. At VideoTile, we take the stress away from exams and instead use quiz-style questions. This approach feels comfortable for the learner. However, it still tests understanding to satisfy the employer.


Often, the best way to learn what to do in a situation is to see it played out. At VideoTile, we can craft unique animations to suit every training topic. These animations help to solidify understanding and put the user into the situation.

Why choose VideoTile learning?

With high-quality training videos, bespoke course creation and fast video download, our online training is suitable for all training providers. Our high-spec Learning Management System makes it easy for you or your clients to manage training too. What’s more, candidates receive a certificate of successful completion at the end of every course they undertake.

If you’d like to find out more about VideoTile learning, get in touch with the team today.