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Business Skills

Many businesses require a vast range of different business skills training courses for their employees. As a training provider, it is essential that you can offer these to your clients. Business skills training covers everything from stress management to data protection in the workplace. All of which are useful courses for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

At VideoTile we offer interactive video-based e-learning that covers every aspect of business skills for your clients and their employees. Our business skills training suite includes:


Presentation Skills

Many people dread having to give presentations, but it is often a significant part of many roles. Being able to deliver a successful presentation and communicate effectively with a room full of people is an invaluable business skill that often requires specific training. Our presentation skills course covers the most common mistakes that people make during presentations. Courses also cover how to properly prepare for a business presentation of any size.


Data Protection In The Workplace

Every business in the country has an obligation to protect personal information, whether it is that of their customers or their employees. Providing your clients with data protection in the workplace training that they need will offer them a vast array of benefits. Good data safety in the workplace results in good business practice. It can also help with the protection of an organisation’s reputation and the protection of individual’s rights.


Stress Management

Work-related stress is a very real problem among many organisations. As a result, it is an important business skill is being able to appropriately manage stress levels. Stress at work can lead to depression and anxiety among employees and accounts for 39% of all work-related illnesses. Every business of every size and sector is susceptible to stress and can benefit from appropriate stress management training.


Social Media For Business

Social media and the internet in general is a powerful tool for every business. It has completely changed the way individuals and companies interact. Many businesses are still struggling to keep up with the ever-changing technologies. Therefore, they aren’t using social media to its full potential. This course will provide your clients with the business skills they need to understand how social media works as a business tool.

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Accredited E-Learning Content

Did you know that the second most popular new year resolution for 2017 was to make life and self-improvements? Also, the eighth most popular resolution was to learn something new. With this in mind, e-learning can be an excellent way to help people to achieve their resolutions and learn a new skill. At VideoTile, we can help you to start 2018 by learning a new skill using e-learning.

For improving soft skills or technical skills, digital learning is a brilliant method of learning. Many employers look to their employees to acquire new skills to give their workplace an advantage. While classroom study used to be the go-to approach, e-learning has quickly shown that there is a much better way to learn.

The benefits of e-learning for employers

Generally speaking, e-learning is a cheaper alternative to classroom courses. As you are not paying for a trainer’s time and expenses, costs can be less. Furthermore, e-learning can be done remotely or at your premises. Therefore, you do not have to consider paying for employee travel costs and expenses. These added costs to traditional training can quickly add up. This can make studying a new skill expensive and can limit your training budget to just a select few individuals.

The benefits of learning a new skill using e-learning for students

E-learning is a convenient and practical way to study as it fits in with your work and lifestyle. By learning a new skill through e-learning, you show commitment to self-improvement. Furthermore, with skills acquired in a timely manner, you show your adaptability. With an increase in skills, which you can conveniently gather through e-learning training courses, you open the door to many more career opportunities and the chance to fill higher-level positions.

For professionals, using e-learning to add to their skills range will hopefully lead to career gains and business success.

Improve your skills

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Business Skills Online Training Courses

For almost every profession, industry and employment, business skills e-learning training is essential. It is a helpful package that can be tailored and adapted to every client need. Alternatively, your organisation can sell it as a standalone e-learning suite for a quick win for your training provider business. It is undoubtedly an excellent training package to offer. It is versatile, accessible and an engaging course that is in demand.

What is business skills e-learning?

Business skills training can include a range of soft skills and hard skills. It helps learners to become more equipped to handle situations in the workplace. The course supplies employees with the tools they need to improve the structure and efficiency of the workplace and the business processes. There is a demand for skills required by businesses, especially as reports suggest that there is a lack of soft skills in the graduate job market.

What business skills should you include in a training programme?

Some of the most prevalent business skills to include in your business skills e-learning suite should certainly include;

Workplace Communication – Astonishingly, 80% of workplace problems come from communication problems. 90% of communication is non-verbal actions and body language. It is essential that employees can not only understand this but also know how they can use it to their advantage in the workplace.

Time Management – Essential for the leadership team as well as workers. Time management helps people to understand effective delegation as well as individual time responsibility. Learners can understand how it can lead to a loss of revenue and has a significant part to play in customer satisfaction. Time management is a great skill to consider in the workplace. As a benefit, people may find tasks that can be removed as they take up too much time and do not add value.

Leadership – As part of any continuity plan, management is always searching for the future leaders in the business. Offering leadership training as an e-learning course allows managers to identify suitable team members for potential leadership roles. Courses can help to prepare them with training. Leadership courses can include a range of productivity techniques as well as team motivation strategies.

Create your business skills e-learning

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