When investing in training, businesses want to make sure that your training delivers the message in the most effective way possible. As a training provider, you need to ensure that you can provide what the customer wants and exceed their requirements. This is why video works as an excellent training medium, it is engaging, compelling and can be incorporated into an e-learning system for time-conscious businesses. Not convinced? Here are four reasons why video is fantastic in training.

Four reasons why video works

  1. Accessibility

With the rise of smartphones and tablets in the workplace, the training video that you create can be provided to the company and stored on their learning platform. This means that learners can learn almost anywhere. Even if you offer classroom training, having videos can be a great extra. This means that staff can review what they’ve learnt, long after the training session has finished.

  1. Suit the tone

Videos are a fantastic way of creating training information in a way that is suitable for all. Whether you have been tasked with training a serious, high-powered executive business or a fun, team-focused SME, you can create a video that suits their tone to make it easier for them to enjoy and understand.

  1. Storytelling

Many people find it easier to understand and remember vital information when telling it through a story. The narratives you can use in videos can be similar to the real-life scenarios that people will face. In a video that engages the language processing part of the brain, it can have a profound impact on the individual. This makes the training more memorable and, therefore, helpful in the future.

  1. Visual assistance

So often, it is much easier to learn from example. A written page of instructions does not have the same impact as someone walking through the instructions with illustrations. The visuals in a video not only explain what to do but illustrate how to do it. This gives learners the training they need but also provides them with a best practice approach they can remember.

Ready to use video in your training?

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