In the last part of this series we looked at why video should be an integral part of your employee training and the benefits it brings. Here we’re looking more specifically at the ways you can effectively incorporate video into your training for employees, ensuring it has a positive impact and enriches their continued professional development. Keep the following tips in mind when planning your video training:

Keep it Short

Mandatory training is not usually something employees look forward to and the beauty of video means it can be quicker and more engaging than reading a book full of requirements. Making all your training content available on-demand through thematic categories then employees can ensure they get their mandatory training without feeling confined to a specific time. Anyone required to complete the training can still be given a deadline to complete by but as long as they watch the videos, it doesn’t matter whether they do it in the workplace or on the commute home. Training videos should be concise and to the point, keeping the learner engaged.

Make it Interactive

One way of being sure your employees are engaging with the video training content is to incorporate interactive elements. This could be the option of commenting or leaving feedback or encouraging questions and building an in-house debate based on discussions from the video. Comment sections allow your employees to interact with each other too, creating a positive training discourse to build from.

Customise the Post-Play Interface

Many of the training options out there integrate video into a wider training interface and this can make it easy to quickly check and evaluate how engaged employees are with the content. Customisable post-play screens allow you to put up quizzes, surveys and other relevant material to ensure the information is being digested and the employee can be considered ‘trained’ at least to some degree.

Track Completion Rates

Sophisticated video training software and purpose-built programmes and courses should make it easy for you to track employee completion rate of training modules. You can check on their progress and follow up one-to-one with anyone who isn’t on top of the courses required for their job role. Video engagement metrics can be key to seeing deep into which elements of the training course and which don’t.