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how e-learning can help your business

For all training providers, e-learning should be a core product as part of your training provisions. Going digital is a key step for trainers, helping you to meet customer demand and ensure your training is fresh and suitable for the modern workplace. By offering digital solutions, e-learning can help your business and your clients too.

So, how is it that e-learning can help your business?

Three ways e-learning can help your business

  1. Tailored training

E-learning is a great way to offer your clients customised training that best suits their needs. Whether it is changing the learning objects to meet specific needs, or using examples from a particular industry or environment to make the training more relevant. With e-learning you can configure your training to work around your clients. Furthermore, you can charge a premium for a bespoke training programme.

  1. Sell 24/7

Another benefit of providing e-learning is that your clients can purchase and access training whenever they choose to. By having an online payment system and a Learning Management System on your website, learners can access your content at any time of day. As a result, it makes it easier for customers to purchase your products and your business can earn money even when you are asleep.

  1. Keep it relevant

For training courses to stay ahead of competitors, it needs to be fresh, engaging and relevant. Fortunately, e-learning training is easy to update and revise as necessary, especially if you enlist the help of VideoTile for e-learning creation. You can also add a range of features to courses to keep it exciting such as interactive videos.

How VideoTile can help you

At VideoTile, we have a team of experts who can create fresh, exciting e-learning to suit your training requirements. For your business, we can create fully branded solutions to suit your training style. Get in touch to find out how we can help you to develop successful, innovative e-learning by emailing

health and safety

Health and safety is vital for workplaces, especially training. At work, 200 people are killed by accidents every year in the workplace. Furthermore, two million people suffer an illness that is caused by their workplace each year too. Preventing accidents and illness is key for workplaces, and one of the best ways to do this is through regular, tailored training that encompasses all aspects of the workplace that may affect the workforce.

At VideoTile, we want to become your e-learning partner. With our skills and expertise with technical content creation and masses of creative resources, we can create a fully branded and tailored health and safety e-learning solution. Furthermore, our Learning Management System can integrate seamlessly with your website to make it easy for your customers to access.

So, why add health and safety e-learning to your suite of training materials?

Reasons to offer health and safety e-learning

  1. Employee confidence

Health and safety training helps to provide confidence and assurance to workers. With effective training, staff know how to complete their tasks in the safest manner and in a way that is most efficient.  You can enhance the trust of workers by taking all necessary precautions to make their workplace safer.

  1. Workplace culture

First impressions count. When onboarding new staff, they will immediately get a sense of company culture. If induction involves a priority on workplace safety, then this is a testament to a company that cares about their workforce and wants to build a company in good standing.

  1. Reduce workplace accidents

All workplaces want to lower their accident rates. Accidents can cost through lawsuits, time off work and compensation. By making sure everyone receives the appropriate training, companies can cut the costs of accidents and injuries.

Health and safety training with VideoTile

If you want to add health and safety e-learning to your training materials, then speak to the team at VideoTile to find out more about our fully branded solutions. Get in touch by emailing

bespoke course development for your business

Looking to take training to the next level? Then bespoke course development may be ideal for your business. At VideoTile, we create perfectly crafted customised e-learning. Our bespoke course development for your business is designed to address precise training needs. With specific timelines and budget in mind, your organisation has the control of the training that we create for you.

While off the shelf courses are easy to come by, bespoke course development for your business may give your training the edge and address the niche training needs of your business.

Bespoke course development for your business vs off the shelf courses: which is best for you?

To understand which training course is right for your business, there are several considerations to help you decide, these include;

  1. Timing

If you have an urgent need for training, then an off the shelf course is usually quick and easily accessible. By creating a bespoke course, these will take a longer time to produce to ensure that it meets your exact training needs.

  1. Relevancy

If you need training that hits the mark, you can develop bespoke courses to meet all of your learning objectives and training criteria. You can also use real-life examples within bespoke courses that relate to the learner’s daily life. Conversely, off the shelf courses may not cover all of the training aspects that you need. However, they could provide a helpful general overview. Consequently, it may also use examples that are not relevant to the learners.

  1.  Assessment

With bespoke course development for business, you get to decide how you want to assess your learners. With off the shelf courses, the assessment module is usually predetermined. If you have specific knowledge about your learners, this may help you to determine the best assessment methods for their needs. Alternatively, your business may prefer a simplified assessment system to align with your business objectives.

Is bespoke course development right for you?

Want to find out more about bespoke course development and how it can help the training goals of your business? If so, then get in touch with our friendly team at or read more about our bespoke course development services.