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Perspectives in eLearning 2017 - VideoTile Learning


At VideoTile Learning we create interactive video based e learning courses in a variety of subjects including:

  • Health and Safety
  • Social Care
  • Business Skills

We have an extensive range of Approved and Accredited online courses that are exclusively available via our Distribution Partner Network.


Our Partners receive a fully branded solution for seamless integration into their existing website and business process.mmAs your e-learning partner, our technical, creative and marketing resources are at your disposal.

All distribution partners receive a pack of branded marketing materials, training on how to sell and get value from our courses together with support from VideoTiles own ‘Above the Line’ marketing campaigns.


VideoTile works with you to integrate online training into your business, helping you add value and make the courses available to your customers.

In addition to selling the courses as a commodity to generate profit and turnover, there are many other ways our partners use our courses to be more competitive in the market place. These include:

  • Using the courses in conjunction with classroom training
  • As refresher training
  • As modules in apprenticeships
  • In packages or bundles with other products and services

And don’t forget, all the new companies you connect with using our online training will want to know what else your organisation can offer. So, it’s a great marketing tool too!

Our partners come from a variety of different sectors including…

  • Training Organisations
  • Health and Safety Consultants
  • Providers of Apprenticeships
  • HR Companies
  • Insurance Services
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Recruitment
  • Safety Equipment and Alarm Specialists

So, if you’re looking to offer online training to your customers, contact us today, we’d love to hear from you.

legionella online training

There are some medical conditions, diseases and health concerns which are such high risk that they have their own legislation. Legionnaires Disease is one such concern as the risks it poses can be devastating and it is within the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 that specific guidelines are laid down for the management of Legionella. This legislation was further updated in 2001 by the HSE. The changes in 2001, known as L8, state explicitly that companies and building owners are legally obliged to manage legionella.

Our legionella online training is for employers and staff. It gives them the knowledge to identify the danger of legionella and how to risk assess for the bacteria, as well as managing and controlling it. Our legionella management course is available through our network of distributors.

What is Legionella and Why should you Worry about it?

Legionella bacteria lives in natural water systems but usually it poses no threat in this environment. Legionella becomes a problem when it grows in purpose-built systems where water temperatures are kept high. Systems such as hot and cold water systems, spa pools and cooling towers can be high risk. If you are not aware and do not understand the risks legionella poses then it isn’t managed correctly then an outbreak of Legionnaires disease could be your fault.

Managing and risk assessing your workplace for legionella is essential to avoid the chance of an outbreak which can be devastating and can even be fatal.

VideoTile provide interactive video based training courses and our Legionella Online Training is no different. We offer a Legionella Management course which helps learners recognise and respond to risk sources of the bacteria. It also goes over implementation and management techniques to limit the risk of Legionnaires Disease as much as possible.

Our extensive range of video-based online training courses cover many areas of health and safety. They help businesses work safely, compliantly and within the law.

emotional intelligence online training

We are pleased to announce our course writing partnership with ‘Emotional Intelligence 4 Change’. This exciting new partnership will allow us to offer brand new Emotional Intelligence courses, with the support of experts in their field and we plan an offering of several emotional intelligence based courses in many different fields of business skills.

About Ei4Change

Emotional Intelligence 4 Change or Ei4Change specialise in emotional intelligence and offering a different way of working in personal development, coaching and training. Emotional intelligence is a key factor in how every businessperson works and the way senior team members, leaders and decision makers utilise their emotional intelligence significantly effects the whole business. Much like in leadership training, emotional intelligence training separates the best leaders from the rest.

Ei4Change are an internationally recognised body of specialists in this field. They offer a range of different styles of training methods which complement our interactive, online approach.

Working in partnership with Ei4Change we are writing and designing a full suite of emotional intelligence courses. We plan to cover different areas including:

  • Teamwork
  • Resilience Development
  • Stress Management

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the measure of a person’s ability to recognise and manage their own emotions, as well as doing the same for those of other people both in groups and on an individual basis. It is a key factor in successful management and leadership. By working with our highly specialised training partners at Ei4Change we believe our new courses will help hone these skills for anyone taking the courses.

Emotional Intelligence Online Training

We cannot wait to release our courses to our distribution network. The range of emotional intelligence online training options will ensure our partners have plenty of choice. The opportunity to offer specialised training in such an important area of business and leadership is something we’re proud of. We look forward to sharing our full course offering with you soon.