At VideoTile, we specialise in crafting engaging and high-quality interactive video-based e-learning courses, empowering training professionals like yourself to deliver exceptional learning experiences that drive real results. Our course catalogue is available and you can get involve dby

Comprehensive E-learning Courses for Diverse Industries

Our extensive library of ready-to-use courses spans a wide range of crucial business areas, catering to the diverse needs of your clientele. Whether you’re seeking training solutions for health and safety, business skills, childcare, or specialized industry-specific requirements, VideoTile has a comprehensive suite of courses tailored to your clients’ specific needs.

Health and Safety E-learning Suite: Ensuring Compliance and Workplace Well-being

Our health and safety e-learning suite comprises a series of video courses addressing critical areas vital to businesses’ regulatory compliance and workplace safety. Covering essential topics like manual handling, asbestos awareness, and emergency first aid, our courses empower your clients to cultivate a safe and compliant work environment.

Business Skills E-learning Suite: Nurturing Workplace Expertise and Productivity

Effective business skills are the cornerstone of organizational success. Our business skills e-learning suite encompasses a range of courses designed to enhance communication, conflict resolution, stress management, presentation skills, and anti-harassment training, empowering your clients to foster a productive and harmonious workplace culture.

Seamless Integration and Branding

We recognise the importance of seamlessly integrating our courses into your training business’s branding and marketing strategies. Our flexible licensing model allows you to brand our video content and sell it under your own label, ensuring consistency with your brand identity and messaging.

Tailored Solutions for Specialised Needs

In addition to our extensive range of existing courses, we also offer the option to create bespoke e-learning programs specifically tailored to your clients’ unique requirements. This personalized approach enables you to deliver training solutions that address their specific needs and challenges, enhancing your value proposition as a training provider.

Unwavering Support for Your Training Business’s Success

At VideoTile, we are committed to the success of our partners. Upon joining our distributor network, you gain access to comprehensive support resources, including sales and marketing assistance, to help you effectively promote and sell our e-learning courses.

Make Selling E-Learning Courses Online Easy with VideoTile

Partner with VideoTile and empower your training business to become a leading provider of engaging and effective e-learning solutions. We can help you get setup online if you have not offered e-learning courses before and we can advise on how to make a real success of selling e-learning courses online. Contact us today.