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e-learning courses online

E-learning courses are now an essential part of workplace training and home studying. Furthermore, for tech-savvy students the benefits are vast. The ability to purchase and study e-learning courses online is quick, convenient and hassle-free. The e-learning market is predicted to be worth $37.6 billion by 2020. Therefore, it is evident that the trend for e-learning courses online is not slowing down.

Why choose e-learning courses online?

E-learning courses can be seamlessly integrated into your current learning management system, LMS.  Therefore, this takes you from your site to an online course. Utilising the main web trends such as video and interactivity, an online course can be upgraded and updated to suit user needs. Furthermore, the course will never feel dated which can occur quickly in the fast-evolving training market.

What online e-learning courses can I offer?

At VideoTile, we make it easy for training providers.  With us, providers can offer online interactive, video-based content for their students and clients. We can transform your current training course into one that is truly bespoke and instantly engaging.

VideoTile create unique content to add or enhance your current portfolio. We also offer a range of courses that we licence and fully brand to help you meet your clients’ needs with ease.

Some of our high-quality, exciting and stimulating courses that we can licence to your business include;

Search Engine Optimisation for Business – Website ranking is critical for businesses to win clients and drive revenue. With this course, companies can learn the techniques that they can apply. This will help their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy succeed.

Stress Management – For businesses, stress costs around $300 billion every year for missed work and health care. Furthermore, 48% admitting to lying awake at night because of stress. It is, therefore, crucial that businesses do all they can to help minimise stress for a healthy, happy workforce.

E-learning courses online with VideoTile

From health and safety, business skills to emotional intelligence, VideoTile offers a vast range of courses that can all be branded to suit your needs. For your free course sample and to find out more about how we can help you training business thrive, get in touch with our friendly team.

e-learning videos for training

Training staff is essential. However, to make training successful, it needs to be compelling. Often people can consider training to be dull which means that its learners will not realise the full benefits. If learners are not engaged, then they will not take in the vital information and will waste the cost of training. Fortunately, there are ways to eliminate learners switching off. One of the best ways to keep training compelling is through interactive video.

What is interactive video?

Interactive video is essentially a digital video that requires interaction with the viewer. The interaction could include responses, touch on screen, clicks and gestures. The video will often need viewer interaction in order to proceed and continue with the video. Depending on the nature of the video it could take on an experience like a game, tutorial, form or a question and answer session.

Three benefits of interactive video

  1. Personalisation

As interactive videos need an element of decision-making from the viewer. With this in mind, the videos can be made wholly personable. Learning then becomes user-centred which can enhance the learning experience and allows you to tailor the training to the learner ability. Consequently, this may allow a change of pace or what the learner views.

  1. Flexibility

For any training experience, you tailor the interactive videos to suit the learner’s needs. This means that simulations can be relevant, e.g. set in a particular workplace with branding. Furthermore, you can use it as a sole e-learning video experience or as an accompaniment to traditional classroom-based learning.

  1. Engaging and compelling

Interactive video can make learning completely immersive. This means that learners connect with the training, its scenarios and stories. Characters can adapt to the learner’s experience, particularly in work situations. Throughout the learner journey, interactive elements can help to bring training alive and make it memorable.

Interactive video creation with VideoTile

Want to see the benefits of interactive video in your training programmes? Then get in touch with the team at VideoTile today. For creative training ideas, we can help with superior video creation.

Perspectives in eLearning 2017 - VideoTile Learning

E-learning and online development and training programmes continue to be a popular choice for corporate businesses looking to get the most out of their workforce

As the new year continues there are new technologies, innovations and changes in the way we use and develop e-learning resources to suit a wide range of different kinds of employer, business and environment. Below we’re taking a closer look at four areas where e-learning has the potential to grow, develop and improve.

A New Reality

Not just one but two new realities are becoming leading trends in the tech world and this is the same in e-learning. Augmented reality is quickly becoming a utilisable tool for e-learning video and course providers. Augmented reality has been leaped upon by the marketing industry but there are many ways it can be used in training too.

Virtual reality is another new innovation which is set to mature in 2017 and is driven principally by the entertainment sector. This in turn will transfer into e-learning and virtual reality can be used to create case study and test environments for businesses.

Gamification of Learning

Immersive learning games could mark a real turning point in e-learning. Gaming has always been a potential learning tool but now it is being actively incorporated into training resources and videos. Evidence suggests learning efficacy is significantly improved through immersive learning games and rewards-based mechanisms can be motivating and drive users of any training platform.

AI in Learning

Artificial intelligence is emerging as a huge trend in technology and it is often heralded as having a potential connection with the e-learning world. As yet no one seems to have properly assessed how the connection would work or how the power of AI could be tailored to the e-learning world, but it is an area there is bound to be much more discussion about in 2017.

Interactive Video

Video is the core of effective e-learning as so many people are now recognising the power of video, the additional engagement it brings and the effectiveness it has when learning something new. The next generation of video training courses however, will need to do something different and the already popular area of interactive video is set to grow even further. Interactive video allows for personalisation and allows users to learn and reflect on the go, giving course designers the chance to act on feedback quickly and effective and the learners to feel satisfied.

The e-learning market has the potential to expand even further in 2017 as businesses look for even more efficient, speedy and cost-effective to train and motivate their employees.

If you would like to know more about E-learning, online development and training programmes from VideoTile Learning then please call 0845 838 2809.