To help your audience to engage with your organisation, interactive video is an excellent method. At VideoTile, we create interactive videos to help engage your website audience. Gone are the days of passive videos, that bore customers. Instead, interactive videos can enable viewers to interact with the presenter and make the message of the video even clearer. Interactive videos can include graphics, animations, presentations, and real-life presenters.

How can interactive video benefit your organisation?

Interactive video can offer a variety of benefits and be useful for a variety of content. From training material to marketing, interactive videos can take your content to the next level.

You can use interactive videos to link to exclusive content. Whether that is additional training materials, offers for your loyal brand ambassadors or the content that encourages further engagement. Relating to content can help to ensure your audience continue to look out for content they may not be able to get elsewhere.

Another benefit is to provide a call to action within your content without interrupting its flow. A call to action can be placed conveniently through the material allowing people to continue watching the video. This is an unobtrusive but effective way to increase engagement with your brand.

An additional benefit to interactive video is the fact that it can hold and increase viewer attention.  Most videos will only engage an audience for a matter of seconds. However, with interactive content, you can quickly see the engagement levels increase with longer viewer attention.

Finally, interactive content can come as part of a wider integrated marketing strategy. You can use interactivity to link to your social media sites as well as websites and further content.

Time to include interactive video in your strategy?

If you want to find out more about interactive video and how it can benefit your organisation, then get in touch with VideoTile. VideoTile offers a free evaluation and explanation of how videos can meet your key deliverables.