Simplicity is key when purchasing online training for your business. VideoTile E-Learning Course Bundles help your customers cover all their training and compliance needs with one easy purchase.

They are also a great way to sell multiple courses together for a special price. They can be combined with discount codes to create some very attractive offers.

VideoTile E-Learning Course Bundles

We offer a range of bundles to suit all different types of business so read on for more details.

CSCS Green Card Bundle

The Online Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment course is designed for those working on construction sites. It is a requirement for those wishing to apply for a CSCS Green Card. Create a bundle which includes the course and the Accredited Exam which leads to the CSCS Green Card.

Construction Safety Bundle

Our distributors work with a number of Construction organisations. They use our online courses as a quick and easy way to train staff and comply with safety legislation.

The suggested bundle provides a set of introductory E-Learning courses for Construction professionals and those who need to access construction environments.

Return to Work Bundle

With office and hybrid working becoming part of everyday life, we have developed a new course. The Covid-19 Safe Workplaces is designed to help employers. It also helps returning employees ensure they are taking steps to make the workplace Covid safe.

You could bundle this course with our Display Screen Equipment and Basic Fire Safety courses to create a return to work refresher package.

Marketing Bundle

This suggested marketing course bundle is a great induction in relation to using Social Media and SEO for Business. The courses are designed to assist candidates in business to understand how social media and SEO techniques can be used in combination. The aim then being to create a social media strategy.

Other VideoTile Elearning Course Bundles

We have combined other suggested courses to cater for all businesses. Click here to read more about each bundle.

The Care Certificate Bundle
Leadership Bundle
Workplace Health and Safety Bundle
Hospitality Bundle
Food Safety Bundle

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VideoTile Learning are a film production company and we create highly engaging e-learning branded for you. So whether you choose the white label option or a fully bespoke range of online courses, we have something for you.

We are incredibly proud to include Asda, JW Lees and Birmingham City Council as just some of our users. We would love to work in partnership with your business because we believe this enables us to create the most effective content and successful online courses for your customers.

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