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The Biggest Benefits Of Health And Safety Online Training

For every business in every industry, health and safety training is essential. To cover the needs of all clients, offering health and safety e-learning is an excellent opportunity to cover their legal requirements. As well as this, it provides a cost-effective and efficient method of training. By providing health and safety e-learning, you have a simple and effective way to expand your training offering and further meet the needs of your clients.

How VideoTile can help

At VideoTile, we create a range of engaging and informative e-learning videos for a variety of health and safety topics. We can then fully brand these courses to suit your training business. Therefore, making them ideal for your client base. If you can’t find the exact topic you are looking for, VideoTile also offers bespoke course development. This is where we create a personalised training video from scratch to meet your training objectives.

Depending on the clients you want to attract, there is a range of different health and safety e-learning videos to choose from. Here is just a selection of the health and safety e-learning courses we have on offer;

Which health and safety e-learning is right for your business?

To suit all clients… First Aid

First aid can be life-saving when implemented effectively. First Aid training ensures businesses have a team of staff who are trained to assist should an emergency occur. The course ensures team members know what to do in a serious situation and act appropriately to best support the emergency services.

For food industry clients…. Food Safety Training

Any business that handles food needs to ensure their team have the right training and supervision. Employers have a legal duty to manage food safety.  Therefore, an e-learning course is an ideal, convenient training programme to suit food handlers. This can help those who prepare, manufacturer or serve food in their working life.

For contracting and homeworking business… Personal Safety For Lone Workers

With more and more people having a flexible work pattern, there is an increased risk through lone working. Personal Safety for Lone Workers is an ideal introductory course that businesses can implement to protect their staff and cover legal responsibilities.

VideoTile has a range of health and safety e-learning to suit all industries. You can browse our collection here and get in touch at sales@videotile.co.uk if there is a specific course you are looking for.


Health and Safety

When it comes to workplace health and safety, one of the essential aspects is training. At VideoTile, we create captivating interactive e-learning videos across a range of subjects. With health and safety being so essential to businesses, offering health and safety training can be invaluable as a training provider.

Why is health and safety so important?

  1. Hazards

All workplaces have hazards, whether it is machinery, manual handling or chemicals. Whatever the workplace, there is always the potential for an accident or damage. Health and safety helps to warn people about the hazards, whatever type of risk it poses, from physical injury to psychological issues such as stress.

  1. Cost

Failure to comply with health and safety legislation can be a significant cost to businesses. Workplace accidents are, sadly, all too frequent. In 2017-2018 144 UK workers were killed by work. As well as the human cost, companies can be affected by fines, lawsuits and imprisonment.

  1. Social responsibility

Taking care of workers and the environment as well as members of the public is part of the social responsibility of businesses. It shows a commitment to good working practices and a focus that people and safety come first.

How VideoTile can help with health and safety training

VideoTile creates a range of different health and safety e-learning videos. From First Aid to COSHH, manual handling to working in confined spaces. We design all of our courses for you to deliver as your own. We will brand each course to your needs. This gives you access to hundreds of approved and accredited training courses.

As well as the courses already on offer that deliver a fully branded solution, we also offer bespoke course development. This enables you to create the perfect training course for your needs and your clients.

Find out more about our training and request your free trial today. Speak to the VideoTile team by calling 0845 838 2809.

The Biggest Benefits Of Health And Safety Online Training

Health and safety is an essential feature of every workplace. Training for health and safety is critical for every worker. Health and safety training used to be long and arduous. Online courses for health and safety revolutionise training making it interactive, enjoyable and efficient. At VideoTile, we offer a range of online courses for health and safety to suit all of your training needs.

Five benefits of online courses for health and safety

  1. Ensure no one misses out

Classroom training attendance can be poor. When training is vital, such as health and safety, you need to make sure everyone attends. Online courses mean that people can take the course at a time that suits them. Instead of holding several events, you can make sure that staff receive the training during a defined period.

  1. Fast delivery

Classroom courses can face timing problems, from equipment not working, to late attendees. Online courses are quick to access, and you can implement training right away. Furthermore, students can learn at a rate to suit them, which can also speed up delivery.

  1. Effectiveness

Online courses will often include interactive elements and recall questions to help test the learning during the training. It is proven that computer-based teaching is more effective than classroom-based training too. As well as this, there is longer retention of information.

  1. Sustainability

Online courses are greener and lessen your impact on the planet. In fact, you can reduce CO2 emission by 85% by choosing online courses instead of classroom techniques which require more travel for both the provider and the business.

  1. Lower costs

Online courses for health and safety are significantly cheaper than classroom training. You can train more of your workforce and save money by deploying online courses instead of classroom training. Online courses will ensure you do not lose out on too much productive time also.

Online courses for health and safety from VideoTile

VideoTile produces a range of online health and safety courses ready for you to deploy. Our courses include food safety to fire safety, first aid and manual handling. Complete with your branding our courses, our courses are an excellent way to engage customers and meet online training demands. Get in touch to find out more about our courses.