There are very few operations within the construction industry that are as dangerous as using abrasive wheels. Many companies require their staff to use this powerful equipment on a regular basis, and so training is vital. Abrasive wheels training is an excellent addition to any training portfolio because so many clients require it.

This mini-guide covers everything you need to know about abrasive wheels training and why you should add it to your collection.

What Are Abrasive Wheels And Why Are They Dangerous?

Companies use abrasive wheels for cutting and grinding materials like metal and concrete. It is because of the abrasive particles that bond together to create the wheels that they get their name. We sometimes refer to abrasive wheels as cutting or grinding wheels. Construction equipment often uses abrasive wheels, such as angle grinders and petrol saws.

Operating abrasive wheels can be dangerous because of the threat to operators, colleagues or pedestrians. Accidentally coming into contact with the fast-moving wheel can be fatal and so extreme care is needed. Operators are legally required to undergo training to learn how to use abrasive wheels safely. Other dangers of using this equipment include the wheels breaking, dust and flying particles, noise and HAVS.

What Is Abrasive Wheels Training?

Abrasive wheels training from VideoTile covers the dangers and best practices for working with this powerful equipment. Businesses have a legal obligation to ensure anyone who operates this equipment has relevant training.

By adding abrasive wheels training courses to your portfolio, you can offer your clients the training they need. Our courses cover the dangers and risks of abrasive wheels, how to stay safe while operating and much more. Furthermore, all of the training will have your company branding so it is tailormade for you and your clients.

To find out more about adding abrasive wheels training to your portfolio, contact VideoTile today.