Health and safety is an essential feature of every workplace. Training for health and safety is critical for every worker. Health and safety training used to be long and arduous. Online courses for health and safety revolutionise training making it interactive, enjoyable and efficient. At VideoTile, we offer a range of online courses for health and safety to suit all of your training needs.

Five benefits of online courses for health and safety

  1. Ensure no one misses out

Classroom training attendance can be poor. When training is vital, such as health and safety, you need to make sure everyone attends. Online courses mean that people can take the course at a time that suits them. Instead of holding several events, you can make sure that staff receive the training during a defined period.

  1. Fast delivery

Classroom courses can face timing problems, from equipment not working, to late attendees. Online courses are quick to access, and you can implement training right away. Furthermore, students can learn at a rate to suit them, which can also speed up delivery.

  1. Effectiveness

Online courses will often include interactive elements and recall questions to help test the learning during the training. It is proven that computer-based teaching is more effective than classroom-based training too. As well as this, there is longer retention of information.

  1. Sustainability

Online courses are greener and lessen your impact on the planet. In fact, you can reduce CO2 emission by 85% by choosing online courses instead of classroom techniques which require more travel for both the provider and the business.

  1. Lower costs

Online courses for health and safety are significantly cheaper than classroom training. You can train more of your workforce and save money by deploying online courses instead of classroom training. Online courses will ensure you do not lose out on too much productive time also.

Online courses for health and safety from VideoTile

VideoTile produces a range of online health and safety courses ready for you to deploy. Our courses include food safety to fire safety, first aid and manual handling. Complete with your branding our courses, our courses are an excellent way to engage customers and meet online training demands. Get in touch to find out more about our courses.