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Become A Distribution Partner

Training professionals often struggle to keep up to date with the latest courses and requirements. This is because when it comes to training the information and content is constantly changing.

Here at VideoTile, we understand the importance of staying updated with the latest courses and so being able to offer a wide selection to your clients. That’s why we give all training providers the chance to become a distribution partner. The rise of interactive video-based learning has revolutionised the training industry. Because of new technologies, training providers are now able to collaborate with others to enhance their offering.

What Is A Distribution Partner?

We offer an extensive range of accredited and approved online courses. These are all created to the highest standards by our team of experts. The VideoTile training courses cover a huge variety of subjects from Health and Safety to Social Care. We know how important it is for training professionals to offer this kind of content, so we created our exclusive distribution network.

All of our online courses are available to our distribution partners. We are here to be the online training partner you need to help you work with a range of sectors and industries. When you join our distribution network, you will receive a fully branded solution. We offer integration into your existing website and processes, so your customers will receive a seamless experience. When you choose VideoTile as your e-learning partner, you will have our marketing and creative resources at your disposal.

How To Become A Distribution Partner?

Becoming a VideoTile distribution partner couldn’t be easier. Our team of specialists are on hand to answer any questions you may have and talk you through how our services can help your business. If you choose to become a distribution partner, we can help you get started quickly and easily.

Become A Distribution Partner

As a training provider, coming up with fresh new content and meeting all your clients’ needs can be a struggle. Training materials require regular updating, reviewing and amending, and some also need tailoring to specific businesses. Here at VideoTile, we offer our customers the chance to become a Distribution Partner. This gives access to our extensive range of approved and accredited online training courses.

What Is A Distribution Partner?

At VideoTile, we are constantly working on new interactive online training content for our range of e learning courses. We want our training providers to keep up to date and able to offer their customers a full range of relevant courses. Therefore, we make all our training available via our Distribution Partner Network. All of our Distribution Partners receive a completely branded solution that provides seamless integration into any existing processes and websites. We make sure our creative, marketing and technical teams and resources are at your disposal. This gives you direct contact for any e learning needs you may have.

In addition to receiving all of our online, interactive training courses fully branded to your own business, as a Distribution Partner you will also receive marketing materials, sales training and personal support. Our e learning courses are versatile enough so that you can use them in a range of ways because we know every training provider is different. You can use our e learning alongside classroom training, as refresher training and also as bundles with other services. VideoTile courses that are available to our Distribution Partners include Health and Safety, Business Skills and Social Care.

Do you want to become a distribution partner?

If you are a training provider looking to enhance your current offering and also help your clients achieve their training goals, become a Distribution Partner today. Get in touch with our team of specialists to discuss your bespoke e learning needs. Discover how our Distribution Partner Network can help you and your clients today.

Bespoke Course Development

At VideoTile, we offer many popular e-learning courses suitable for a wide range of training providers. We then make these unique to the organisation by add the client’s branding. However, for some training providers, it is necessary to have unique courses. This is why we offer a personalised bespoke course development service, so our clients can get the perfect training course for their candidates’ needs.

What is bespoke course development?

We work with our clients to come up with a bespoke video learning package. We use our video e-learning model and include a range of different stimulus to ensure the training is engaging and useful. This may include aspects such as web presenters, quizzes, animations and interactive games.

We make sure that our courses have all the key information that you require for candidates. Furthermore, we make sure the training has aesthetic appeal while is engaging and stimulating for students.

What are the benefits for bespoke course development?

  1. Business Simulations

If there is a specific part of your business that requires training, then bespoke course development can create simulations that are relevant to your individual circumstances.

  1. Accreditation

VideoTile work closely with many accreditation organisations. This means we can ensure your course is approved and accredited to give your candidates a tangible qualification. Upon successful completion of the course, they’ll also receive a certificate in their Learning Management System.

  1. Specific learning goals

Make sure you achieve specific learning goals that are relevant to your clients. Bespoke courses can ensure that candidates receive an intimate knowledge of key subjects and components that they need to succeed.

Are you looking for bespoke course development?

Speak to the team at VideoTile to discuss your unique training needs. We’ll be happy to create, host, support and update your training as necessary, so you can deliver for your clients.