Part of our service here at Videotile is to help create pages on your website, to promote the courses that will provide you with a passive income. We include all images, content, promotional videos and options for Free Trial, Buy Now and User Login.

Payment facilities have been developed so that customers have the minimum number of clicks to make when purchasing courses, which helps to eliminate drop-off during the buying process. Customers using debit or credit cards to buy courses will automatically receive an email with login details.

We are very pleased to announce that we have now added Stripe to the payment options in addition to PayPal!

To allow Stripe to process payments for course sales, there is a new page in the admin panel headed Payment Processors, which can be found under the Admin sidebar menu item. Here you will also find detailed instructions about Stripe.

If you would like more information on how to use Stripe as your payment processor on the VideoTile LMS then please email support@videotile.co.uk and one of our customer service team will be only too happy to help.