We are always on the look out for new distribution partners and believe it’s a chance to build a strong relationship that benefits us and you. We are always looking to partner with new organisation who recognise the benefits of a

A Wide Range of Courses

At VideoTile, we are committed to expanding the reach of our educational and training courses by working closely with our partners. We offer a comprehensive range of fully interactive and video-led courses that cater to the diverse needs of various educational and training companies. Our extensive course portfolio appeals to a broad spectrum of training distributors. We pride ourselves on delivering interactive, engaging, and content-rich courses that are all approved and accredited. Additionally, we offer customization options for many of our courses to align with your brand and enable distribution under your branded label.

Approved and Accredited Courses

Become a VideoTile distribution partner and gain access to our entire suite of approved and accredited courses. We cover a wide range of sectors, from business skills to health, safety, and social care. Our comprehensive course catalogue provides you with a clear understanding of our course offerings and their suitability for your target audience.

Expertise and Skill

Partnering with VideoTile for e-learning opens doors to our team’s extensive expertise and skill across all business areas. Our creative, marketing, and technical teams are readily available to support your endeavours.

We provide each distributor with a comprehensive pack of branded marketing materials for our courses. Our partners also benefit from thorough sales training and guidance on maximizing the value of our courses. We further empower our distributors through dedicated marketing campaigns that serve as a source of inspiration and guidance.

Seamless Integration

VideoTile, as your e-learning partner, will assist you in establishing the most effective methods for sharing our courses. Our courses are designed for seamless integration into your business operations, ensuring you derive maximum value from them.

Diverse Partnerships

We collaborate with distribution partners across various sectors of the education and training industry. Our partners include dedicated training organisations, specialist consultancies, HR firms, insurance service providers, and many more.

Value Addition through Online Training

Online training enhances the value proposition of your business offerings. With VideoTile, you gain access to a fully supported option backed by comprehensive training and guidance to ensure you are fully equipped to deliver our courses effectively. Businesses that already specialise in training and education can widen their reach with online video courses for sale on their website

Join the Video Distribution Partner Network

We invite you to contact us directly to join our partner network and begin distributing our courses. Alternatively, you can reach out to us to explore your options further and obtain more information.

Becoming a VideoTile distribution partner offers a unique opportunity to expand your course offerings, enhance your business value proposition, and contribute to the delivery of high-quality e-learning solutions.